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What Should Be On Your Skydiving Bucket List?


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 3 years ago

You came, you jumped, and you conquered. And now, you’re hungry for more. Just when you think you’ve satisfied your skydiving bucket list, you realize it’s just the beginning. We get it — we’ve been there too!

We still get that same fire you’ve got burning in your belly because there’s always something new to try when it comes to skydiving. Here are seven of our favorite ideas on where to go from here:

Book a Mission Impossible HALO Jump

HALO stands for High Altitude Low Opening, and it’s as awesome as it sounds. Also known as Military Free Fall or MFF, HALO jumpers exit at 17,999 feet and enjoy 4,000 extra feet — or about 90 seconds total — of freefall. The air’s thinner up there, so you’ll get a little extra training on the ground before heading up, and some supplementary oxygen while you make the climb.

Get Your Adrenal-IN Pumping

Skydive Perris is proud to be the home of the only on-site Indoor Skydiving Simulator on the West Coast. Time in the tunnel will blow your mind and significantly improve your confidence in the sky. Either after your first tandem, or as an augmented first-time experience, check out our Adrenal-IN package. You’ll enjoy two solo flights in the wind tunnel and then head up to altitude and skydive with a tandem instructor.

Learn to Skydive

Learning how to skydive is one of the most exhilarating and empowering endeavors a human can undertake! Short of sprouting wings, it’s the closest we can come to flying … and it feels amazing. There are four levels of skydiving licensure – A, B, C and D – each with a prescribed curriculum. As you matriculate through the program, you gain mastery of specific skills which unlock ridiculously cool privileges. Here are the different levels you can earn:

A group of skydivers jump from a plane.

A License

To earn your A, complete our FJC (First Jump Course) and then enroll in AFF (Accelerated Freefall) program. You’ll gain the opportunity to jump with friends, perform group jumps, and pack your parachute. Fresh Meet, the event especially designed for newly branded A License holders, is just around the corner, and this year we made it COVID-19 conscious, so worry no more and get registered!

B License

Getting your B means completing 50 jumps and specific flying and landing training. Once you’ve earned it, you can participate in helicopter, hot air balloon and night jumps.

C License

After 200 jumps and demonstrated proficiency in key maneuvers, you’ll get your C License and permission to jump with wearables (hello, GoPro Cameras) and try trickier disciplines like wingsuiting.

D License

Certifiable pros who’ve proven themselves over 500+ jumps, D holders are eligible to apply for a pro-rating that allows them to perform large demo and exhibition jumps. They can also work toward tandem-instructor status.

Fly in the Tunnel

Indoor skydiving is a great way to practice body positioning, experiment with different techniques and disciplines, maximize coaching time, and share your new-found passion with others. It requires no previous experience, and is suitable for ages 3 and up. And best of all, you can fly in the tunnel no matter the weather!

More than a dozen skydivers fly in formation.

Link Up with an LO

Load Organizers are experienced skydivers who spread the love by showing new jumpers – or newbies to a particular discipline – the ropes. And at Skydive Perris, we have LOs who are committed to promoting the progression of Formation Skydiving (FS), Freefly & Angle and Wingsuiting. Don’t be intimidated to introduce yourself; LOs love sharing their knowledge, supporting their community, and advancing the sport while sharpening their own skills.

Get a Coach

The most expedient way to bolster your progression is to engage a coach. Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport, consider yourself intermediate, or want to get closer to the top of your game, our coaches can help you push to the next level. Current coaching opportunities include Phase 2 (free post-AFF training), FS, Competition FS, Freefly, Wingsuit and Canopy Piloting. Keep your calendar clear for training camps and invitationals offered by P3 – Perris Performance Plus.

Find Your Tribe

One of the most fulfilling and unexpected benefits of skydiving is the sense of community that is alive and well at dropzones around the world, including warm and welcoming Perris. Get to know who you’re flying alongside by attending social activities (when socializing is a thing again) and participating in our crazy-fun skydiving events. From the Annual Pajama Jump and the Easter Boogie, to Dueling DZs and the Summer Sky Rave, our events will make your non-skydiving friends finally understand why they hardly see you anymore!

When the sunny California sky is your playground, there’s no limit to the good times ahead. Have questions? Reach out! We are here to support you.

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