Our Coaches

Our Coaches

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FS Competition Coaches


Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld


Founding member of AZ Airspeed, multiple National and World 4 and 8-way Champion



Christy Frikken – Fury Coaching


Member of SDCXPRythm, US National 4-way Silver Medalist


FS Coaches

Keith Conner

Keith Conner


Freefly Coaches


Roberta Mancino


Roberta is not at Skydive Perris from June to October

Tristian Solomon

Tristian Solomon

(951) 282-4283

Justin Hooper

Justin Hooper

(425) 232-9852

Wingsuit Coaches

Dan Dupuis.png

Dan Dupuis

Dan is the owner of Lightning Flight school; for coaching and information, email at daniel@dupuis.ws 

Dan is not only our team photographer, highly skilled at shooting complex subjects both in the air and on the ground, he is also one of our main wingsuit organizers.


Joe Nesbitt

Joe is a BASE jumper, skydiver, and wingsuiter who grew up around the sport and has over a decade of plummeting experience. He enjoys organizing all kinds of wingsuit jumps as well as racing in the Wide Open Wingsuit Series. With a BSBA from Xavier University, he has a career in Sales and Marketing and is passionate about fitness in his spare time (did someone say Crossfit?). He contributes to Blue Skies Magazine and writes a no-holds-barred blog.


Scotty Bob

Scotty Bob is one of the most recognized wingsuit pilots in the world for his achievements in the BASE environment. With his analytical approach to flying big wingsuits and his adventures in terrain flying, he is dedicated to bringing more knowledge and process to what is now an under-coached discipline within wingsuiting. He’s kind of a big deal (read his profile in the Wall Street Journal, no joke), and we’re happy to have him based in Southern California. Catch him when you can!

Canopy Piloting Coaches



Duane Hall

Canopy Piloting Coach

Ground Launching/Speed Flying Instructor

USPA D-20473

USHPA 83216


 (813) 205-8851

David Hebert

David Hebert

USPA AFFI, Tandem Instructor, canopy coach, Advanced Paragliding instructor, Miniwing Instructor, and freefly organizer


10,000+ jumps 


(720) 363-3907


Joshua Colby

Josh isn't in Perris during summer.

Canopy Piloting Coach, 

Coach Examiner, AFF Instructor, 

Professional Videographer, 

Safety and Training Advisor, 

USPA D-31127


(951) 805-1829

Family Owned Since 1976