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Learn To Skydive

Perris Skydiving Program (PSP)

Train With The Best

PSP Level 1 & A License Training

How It Works

Part 1: PSP Level 1

Online* & On-Site Training

You must successfully complete PSP Level 1 before you can enroll in A License Training.

Part 2: A License Training

PSP Levels 2-18, Solo Jumps, Packing Class

Includes 20 mins of coached tunnel time; option for free additional coaching with solo jumps.

Download PSP Syllabus

a female student wearing an orange jumpsuit checks her altimeter during freefall

Above & Beyond


Which Program Is Right For You?

Solo Skydiving Reqs Explained

PSP Requirements

18 Levels Of Instruction

PSP Curricular Components

learn to skydive perris

Online & On-Site Training

PSP Level 1

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PSP 2-18, Solo Jumps, Packing Class

A License Training

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