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Cream Of The Crop

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FS Competition Coaches

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Christy Frikken / Fury Coaching

FS Coaches

Freefly Coaches

Roberta Mancino

Tristian Solomon

Canopy Piloting Coaches

Joshua Colby

Duane Hall

David Hebert

Phase II Coaching

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Big Way Training

P3 Skydiving

P3 Organizers

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Kate Cooper-Jensen

Larry Henderson

Doug Forth

Chris Farina

Christy Frikken

Scott Latinis

Martial Ferré

Wingsuit Coaching

Wingsuit Flight

Wingsuit Coaches

Marie Clark

Dan Dupuis

Joe Nesbitt

Wanna Be A Wingsuiter?

First Flight Course Requirements

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