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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor Skydiving

All About Tunnel Flight

General Questions

Where is Skydive Perris?

When is the wind tunnel open?

How do I get to Skydive Perris by car?

Can I take public transportation to Skydive Perris?

Is there a shuttle service to and from nearby airports?

Do I need to book a tunnel flight in advance?

Is a Consent Form/Waiver required to make an indoor skydive?

Can I bring people with me to watch me fly?

Can I bring my dog with me to the dropzone?

When is The Bombshelter Restaurant & Bar open?

Is parking provided?

Can I host a birthday party, corporate outing, or other event at the dropzone?

Do you offer field trips and other activities for kids?

Indoor Skydiving Questions

What is indoor skydiving?

What happens during an indoor skydive?

How old do you have to be to make an indoor skydive?

Is there a weight limit to make an indoor skydive?

What are the physical requirements to make an indoor skydive?

Can I go indoor skydiving with a disability?

Do I have to speak English to go indoor skydiving at Skydive Perris?

I’ve never been skydiving, can I fly in the simulator?

How long is each flight?

Is two minutes of flight time long enough?

How long does the whole experience take?

Why does it take 30 minutes for only a few minutes of flight time?

How similar is it to the real thing?

Once I fly in the indoor tunnel, can I jump by myself outside?

What’s different from outdoor skydiving?

Is indoor skydiving a sport?

How long does it take to fly like the instructors/professionals?

Indoor Skydiving Pricing & Policy Questions

How much does it cost to go indoor skydiving?

Is equipment provided?

Flight Day Questions

When should I arrive for my flight?

What should I wear to go indoor skydiving?

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses?

Should I eat before my flight?

Can I drink before my flight?

Can I fly with my group at the same time?

What else is there to do at Skydive Perris?

Kids Club Questions

What is the recommended age for Kids Club?

How long is each Kids Club session?

How often does Kids Club meet?

How many students can attend each Kids Club session?

Is gear and equipment provided to students?

How much does it cost to participate in Kids Club?

Can I drop off my child?

Field Trip Questions

What is the recommended age for a Skydive Perris field trip?

How many students can you accommodate?

How much time does each student get to fly?

Can students watch other flyers while they wait their turn?

Are field trip participants required to complete a Consent Form/Waiver?

How much do indoor skydiving field trips cost?

Can I customize the field trip experience for my students?

How long is the field trip?

What is the cancellation policy for field trips?

Is there a place for my students to eat lunch at the dropzone?

Is catered lunch available or do my students need to pack lunch?

What does the indoor skydiving field trip curriculum include?

Safety & Logistics Questions

Is indoor skydiving safe?

Is an instructor in the flight chamber the whole time?

I’ve made a tandem skydive, can I go indoor skydiving by myself?

How will I communicate with my instructor in the wind tunnel?

How can my instructor stand in the flight chamber while I’m flying?

Will I be attached to someone or something?

Will I jump off of anything to begin my indoor skydive?

How high will I fly in the wind tunnel?

Can first time flyers do flips and tricks?

Is it hard to breathe while in the wind tunnel?

How does the wind tunnel work? Do fans push you up?

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