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Tips for Navigating Skydive Perris

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 6 years ago

The first thing you’re likely to notice about Skydive Perris is the sheer scope of our skydiving wonderland. We’ll tell you now that it’s one of the biggest in the world, but it’ll probably take your first visit to really understand what we mean by that. We, suffice it to say, have a lot goin’ on.

Because Skydive Perris is such a large dropzone, it can be easy for a first-time visitor to get lost. To help take the stress out of your visit, here’s a little guidance we’d like to share.

Get Parked

You’ll access Skydive Perris from Goetz Road. When you make the turn into the parking lot at the Skydive Perris sign, don’t stop immediately unless you’re keen for a long, sunny walk; you still have quite a bit of parking lot to cover. Our parking lot is long and skinny, and our on-campus vertical wind tunnel is smack-dab in the middle of it. Unless there’s an event on and the lot is chock-full, you should keep driving and park somewhere near the end.

Enter The Campus

When you park, you’ll see the parachute loft (where all the parachute maintenance takes place) and you’ll probably see skydivers chatting and discussing jump plans in the northernmost plane loading areas. Let it get you excited! You’re getting close. As you walk onto the Skydive Perris campus, you’ll pass a few mobile buildings on your right that house our continuing-education programs for sport skydivers before you see the signs for the manifest office.

Find The Right Office

When you’re a licensed, solo skydiver (ahem!), that manifest office will indeed be your huckleberry. Since you’re a tandem student this time around, you’ll need to walk just a little farther. Pass that manifest office, the Square One skydiving gear shop, the swimming pool and the restroom/shower block. Pop into the one-and-only Bomb Shelter Restaurant and Bar to scope out the menu, then proceed on to the building past it. This is it!

Stroll Upstairs (Or Not)

You’ll see the big, blue “Skydiving School” awning on that building. The check-in office is up the stairs. If you have a physical issue with stairs, just ask any of the pro skydivers in the downstairs atrium for help. They’ll be glad to connect you with the office staff.

Make Some Friends

As you wait for your jump, you’ll have the opportunity to make some really cool connections with the skydivers that call Skydive Perris home. Our General Manager, for example, is a world-famous skydiving athlete/author/motivational speaker with more than 20,000 skydives and loads of world records under his belt. Seek him out and shake his hand!

Make Some Time

We hope you didn’t make any other plans for your skydiving day because it’s clear from just this little walk-around to the skydiving school office that Skydive Perris has much more to offer than just the sky. There’s a reason that student and experienced skydivers the world over choose to come here for their freefallin’ fun: between the pool, the tunnel, the pub, the camping, the training, the events and the community vibe, a long day just isn’t enough.

jumpers embrace in landing area at Perris

Y’know what? We take it back. Feel free to get lost at Skydive Perris! Most of the rest of us have, and we’ve discovered that this place is, when all is said and done, exactly where we want to be. You will, too! Make your reservation today. 

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