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Best Time to Go Skydiving in California

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 2 years ago

There’s a reason California is known as the Golden State. We’re not just talking about the glittering gold of Hollywood stars or the rich mineral deposits that drew pioneers. We’re talking about the brilliant, golden sunshine that yields all the skydiving fun your heart desires, all year long!

It sure sounds golden to us!

Skydiving Season in Southern California

With weather like ours, the skydiving season in Southern California doesn’t “end.” At Skydive Perris, our beautiful dropzone is open year-round. In part, this is why first-time jumpers, students, and experienced skydivers alike flock to our facilities throughout the fall, winter, spring, and summer. There’s no finish line to our skydiving season!

Best Time of Year to Skydive in California

skydiving in southern california

So, when is the best time to go skydiving in California? Pick any day ending in D-A-Y! The weather is so consistent in our region, nearly any date on the calendar will be perfect for skydiving in Perris!

If you are looking to escape the chilly grip of winter, look no further than skydiving on a balmy 68-degree day with Skydive Perris from December through February! Oh, and did we mention, we average only 2 days of rain in the month of December and only 4 days of rain in January and February? That’s only a 6% chance of your skydive being rained out in December, and about 13% chance of it happening in January and February. We’ll take those odds!

If you prefer the weather to be a bit warmer, you can visit in March, April or May when the temperatures range from the low 70s at the beginning of spring and reach a typical high of 83 degrees by May. And like our winter, there are only 2 to 4 days of rain each month on average in the spring. (Yes!!)

With highs in the upper 90s, summer is quite warm here in Southern California. But, is there a better way to beat the heat than with the pleasant, cool breeze of a freefall from 12,500 feet?! Did you know for every thousand feet you go up, the temperature lowers by about 3 degrees? So, leave everyone else cooking down there, and enjoy a refreshing 69° at altitude!

Fall is one of our favorite skydiving seasons, and many local skydivers would argue it’s the best time to skydive in California. The weather begins to cool, the skies are clear, and there’s still plenty of daylight to skydive in. The light at this time of year is gorgeous, our golden sun turns to brass in the afternoon, and makes for beautiful freefall photos and videos! The weather is so postcard-perfect, the fall has been when we’ve hosted the USPA Skydiving National Championships in years past. 

when to go skydiving in california

Best Time of Day to Go Skydiving in California

Some people start their day with a steaming cup-o-joe – but we say the best way to get the day going is with a skydive! 

Besides beginning the day with an inspirational adrenaline rush, there are a couple of weather-related reasons why the best time of day to go skydiving is in the morning. 

Especially in the summer, scheduling for a morning skydive allows you to avoid the heat of the day. Furthermore, the morning is the best time of day to skydive because you are less likely to encounter high winds, which could halt jump operations for a bit. When winds do present a problem, it is typically later in the day.

Why Winds Matter in Skydiving

When people think of the weather that could thwart their skydiving experience, they generally consider the usual culprits: cloudy skies and rainy conditions. So, when the sun is shining and not a cloud is in the sky, and yet there’s no skydiving, most see no reason why they aren’t jumping.

Well, here’s the deal: there are essentially three main “parts” to every skydive – the ride to altitude, the freefall, and the flight back to the ground beneath the canopy/ parachute. In their excitement, most first-time skydivers forget about that last bit. Although, the parachute ride to the ground is potentially the most important part!

The wind conditions greatly affect our ability to control our parachutes and ensure a smooth, uneventful descent and landing. Turbulent, high, or gusty winds can create dangerous situations. This is why winds matter in skydiving and why we are fastidious about the wind conditions we will operate in. 

Additionally, some areas in California – including Perris – can experience a weather phenomenon known as a “dust devil.” These vertical, swirling and short-lived whirlwinds occur under hot, clear skies when light winds are present; typically during summer afternoons. The good thing about dust devils is that the dust and sands swept up in their winds make most of them visible and avoidable. Should you see one under canopy, rest assured our tandem instructors are used to dealing with them and will guide your parachute to safety. That said, a sizable or indistinct one could be a recipe for disaster. To mitigate risk, if dust devils are spotted, we will often suspend operations.

How to Book First Tandem Skydive

Now that you know the best time to skydive in California is, well, anytime, the next step will be to get your skydive on the books! It just so happens, booking a first tandem skydive with Skydive Perris is a breeze. You can visit our website, give us a call at 951-657-1664, or use our handy-dandy online booking calendar to pick the date and time you would like to schedule your jump. Blue skies!

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