Average Cost to Go Skydiving in California

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The average cost to go skydiving in California is around $225. Although, as you scour the internet searching for a place to jump, you may find skydiving prices as varied as California’s many biospheres. So, what gives? 

While there is no set price range within the skydiving industry, “low prices” should give you pause. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We can appreciate a great deal as much as the next person, but there are some instances where a bargain might not be the best decision. “Cheap” can indicate cut corners, and in the adventure sports arena, you simply can’t afford to go with second-rate. 

Think about it, is when jumping out of an airplane the time you want to go for the cheaper option, really?

Tandem Skydiving at Skydive Perris

Tandem Skydiving Costs in California

You want to determine which skydiving facility to jump with based on several criteria – certainly not just price. In the same way you wouldn’t choose a surgeon based on price alone, selecting a skydiving dropzone because they’re the cheapest is not a good idea. 

Skydiving is expensive for important reasons. There’s a lot of equipment and gear to purchase and also maintain, and numerous highly-qualified people to engage. Plus, in accordance with California law, a skydiving dropzone must hire its staff as employees, not contractors. We applaud this standard, and also recognize that it affects overhead. 

Tandem skydiving costs often reflect the equipment used, the caliber of instructor employed, and the type of aircraft that the facility flies. Running a top-notch DZ is pricey – when the skydiving price doesn’t reflect that, something is likely awry.

Why Skydive in California

The price to skydive at a reputable facility in California is pretty much the same as the rest of the country – but in Cali, you have the benefit of year-round sunshine, clear blue skies, and super chill vibes. We have nothing against the Midwest’s countless cornfields, but … California! Located on a private airport halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, Skydive Perris is a premier skydiving destination. Our dropzone is a veritable skydiving resort, and there’s plenty to do in our picturesque area. Why would you skydive anywhere else!?

Skydive Perris pool and upscale facilities

Reasons Why Skydiving at Skydive Perris is Worth the Cost

Skydiving with Skydive Perris costs $219 Monday through Friday, and $239 on Saturday and Sunday. Now you know there’s well-reasoned math behind the money, take a second to read why jumping with us is well worth the cost. 

  1. We Run Our Skydiving Operation “By The Books”

At Skydive Perris, we run our operation lawfully. From our hiring and payment practices to operating in strict accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and ordinances, we believe in doing things “by the book”. We could lower prices if we chose to do otherwise, but that simply doesn’t align with our values. 

  1. Quality Equipment & Qualified Instructors

Your skydiving experience is directly affected by the equipment that is used and the instructor you are paired with. 

Skydiving can be romanticized, but the reality of it is you are traveling in a metal engineering marvel nearly two miles above the earth … freefalling attached to a stranger … and trusting a certified bundle of nylon (plus a backup) to return safely back to the ground. It only makes sense to want every element to be of the very highest caliber. Skydiving with Skydive Perris is worth the cost because our gear is state of the art and we employ only USPA-certified tandem skydiving instructors.

  1. Well-Kept Aircraft & Stringent Pilot Training

Before you ever make a jump you need to safely arrive at 12,500′. Skydive Perris has a fleet of 8 Twin Engine airplanes, the largest on the West Coast. We also have a full-time aircraft maintenance staff who work hard every day to keep all of our planes maintained to the highest FAA standards. 

Our pilots receive a minimum of 100 hours of actual training flying skydivers in these same planes before they ever fly on their own. There is a significant expense to maintaining this level of care for our skydiving family’s safety – but we sleep well at night knowing we’ve given the best and safest experience possible. We get it, our kids and parents fly in these planes too!!

  1. Unique Facilities & Exceptional Reputation

Skydive Perris has been a leader in the skydiving industry for over 40 years. In addition to our excellent safety record and experience, we have a one-of-a-kind campus that sits on hundreds of acres of open landing area with a full-service restaurant and bar, The Bombshelter, and a pool with a lounge area. Our amazing amenities have become popular for events too, and we frequently host sizable gatherings for universities, businesses, and community groups. 

The real star of the show at Skydive Perris is our on-site indoor wind tunnel! The close proximity of the wind tunnel allows us to offer our customers a unique day of skydiving in the form of a package called the Adrenal-IN Experience. With this skydiving package, tandem students can opt to add two flights in the indoor skydiving simulator prior to their jump. This allows customers to familiarize themselves with the feeling of freefall before taking flight with one of our experienced tandem skydiving instructors. 

Average Cost to Learn to Skydive at Skydive Perris in California

If you’ve already been bitten by the skydiving bug, you might be interested in how much it costs to learn to skydive. The Perris Skydiving Program (PSP) is a 16-level skydiving curriculum with the added benefit of flight time within the indoor wind tunnel. The First Jump Course and PSP level one costs $379. After the completion of PSP 1, you can take advantage of the Perris Student Program Skydiving Package and save $251. Boom!

Ready to move past the planning stage? Let’s get your jump on the books! Schedule your skydive with Skydive Perris today!

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