Two skydivers jump from a plane.

A step-by-step guide from entering the plane until the jump

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Every exciting adventure begins with a dream. However, if you’re like us, we always like to have a plan — a map, if you will — to guide us toward our dreams. If you’re new to the sport of skydiving and want a clear path on what to expect on your first tandem skydive, then we welcome you to our step-by-step guide from entering the plane to your jump!

Step 1: Getting Ready

After you have checked in at the dropzone’s office, filled out your paperwork, completed your training, and geared up for your skydive, a skydiving instructor will review the training. If you selected the Red Carpet or Hollywood Video packages, this is when your camera flyer will introduce themselves and capture you — the star of the show!

When it’s time to board the plane, your instructor will guide you and walk side-by-side as you’ll be sitting next to them on the plane. Watch your head while boarding the plane, though, since the door isn’t more than 4 feet high (unless you jump out of our tailgate airplane like Tom Cruise and James Corden – then you don’t have to worry). Then, you’ll take a seat where your instructor points out and buckle up. It’s important to note that the Skydive Perris’ airplanes seat up to 20+ people and you’ll be close to your neighboring jumper.

  • Check in at school
  • Fill out paperwork
  • Complete training
  • Meet instructor and gear up
  • Walk to plane with instructor

Step 2: The Flight

Once seated, buckle up with the lap belt. When all the jumpers are seated, buckled up, and the jump door is closed, the pilot will taxi for takeoff. This doesn’t take as long as some airlines. In fact, it should only take a few short minutes to taxi to the runway for takeoff. Once the plane reaches 1,500 feet, your instructor will advise you to remove your seatbelt for the rest of the flight.

Note: Sometimes when it’s really hot out, the licensed jumpers closest to the door will open the door during the flight. Since the cabin is not pressurized, they will not get sucked out and the rest of the plane will enjoy the cool breeze!

  • Buckle up
  • Take off

A skydiver jumps from a plane with two guides.

Step 3: Final Prep

The hum of the engine will consume what would otherwise be silent space. It can be a very meditative time for taking in the scenery, the cool breeze, and reveling in doing something epic. About halfway up to the final altitude of 12,500 feet, your instructor will talk through the jump with you one final time to make sure everything is fresh and that you’re ready to make the leap — along with your camera flyer to capture every amazing moment of this experience!

  • Final review of the jump

Step 4: Time to Skydive!

This is where everything starts getting real after the calming ride up into the sky. The instructor will have you sit on their lap to attach your harness to theirs and make the final adjustments. They’ll give you goggles to wear, which you will put over your eyes and above the bridge of your nose. Then, when the plane is overhead of the dropzone at 13,000 feet — unless you’re the extreme one who are doing the HALO – High Altitude, Low Opening tandem jump and jumping from 16,500 feet — a red light will illuminate to signal it’s time to open the door. A green light will illuminate, and that’s the signal it’s time to jump.

The jumpers closest to the door will jump first, and each consecutive group will exit leaving enough space in between. Then, it will be your turn, walking in tandem with your instructor toward the door. They’ll lean over slightly so the two of you can fit through the door, and your instructor will most likely remind you to lift your head onto their shoulder to assume the freefall position.

Finally, in one fluid motion, you will step into the beautiful sky. Butterflies may visit your stomach, but only for a moment. Because when you realize you don’t feel like falling, you enjoy the moments of flying!

  • Final gear up and checks
  • Door opens and groups jump
  • Your turn to make the leap!

Step 5: Book It!

Your heart may have raced just reading through each step, but now it’s time to put the dream into action — taking the next step and making it a reality. Are you ready to fly? Book your jump with Skydive Perris today.

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