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5 Pro Tips For Your First Time Skydiving Experience

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 7 years ago

A girl in a pink jumpsuit smiles during free fall on a tandem skydive.

Once you’ve chosen the very best dropzone (nudge, nudge), you still have a bit of work to do to prepare for the best possible tandem skydiving experience. It isn’t all obvious stuff, which is why we put together our best skydiving tips for beginners. Here’s a quick checklist you can work through that will deliver first time skydiving gold. You’re welcome!

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally For Skydiving.

A lot of people insist that they’ll pass out. They don’t. A lot of people think it’ll be easy for them. Sometimes, they’re a lot more challenged than they thought. Loads of first-time tandem skydivers are sure they’ll freak out in freefall. Usually, they’re amazed to discover that not only are they fine, they love it–and some land only to sign up for a solo skydiving certification program straightaway.

Often, fear of skydiving just echoes fear of the unknown. Sure, skydiving is scary–but it’s the kind of managed risk that’s very, very healthy to face. Remember: Not knowing how you’ll feel is okay. The important part is that you try. Statistically speaking, hear this: You’re braver and more adventurous than you give yourself credit for.

The things you’re worried about aren’t going to happen, either: You won’t experience a stomach drop; you won’t feel like you’re falling; you’ll land infinitely more softly and smoothly than you imagine you will. Give yourself a chance to explore what’s possible, and you’ll automatically be giving yourself a chance to live more broadly and more adventurously in general.

2. Dress Appropriately For Skydiving.

Great news! Dressing for a skydive is super-simple.

  • Start at the bottom with comfortable, tight-lacing tennis shoes. (Bear this in mind: if your shoes are loose, the wind will grab them right off your feet, so double-check that they’re nice and snug before you get on the plane.)
  • Next, wear the right pants. Ideally, the kind of pants (or shorts) you’d wear to the gym are the kind of pants you should wear on a skydive, because you need them to be reasonably stretchy, with more room to move than jeans usually bequeath.
  • For your top, choose to wear snug-fitting layers. (Bring a long-sleeved top layer even if it’s warm, just in case.)
  • In general, wear clothes without any strings, metal grommets, rhinestones, pompoms or other details that might flap around painfully or be pulled off by the wind.

3. Eat Like A Skydiving Champ.

Eat normally, sensibly and moderately. Plan so that you don’t show up for your tandem jump with a very full stomach or a very empty one. If your stomach is empty, your blood sugar will be bottoming out and you’ll be lethargic and uncomfortable; if you’re too full, your blood supply will all be swirling around your abdomen trying to get that food processed while you’re frantically trying to summon it up to your brain, where it is direly needed for the task at hand.

Too nervous to eat? Dude, we get it. Take some nutrition anyway, with a high-calorie smoothie and if you’re having a miserable time trying to eat, make do with a higher-calorie smoothie. That should do the trick. (The peanut-buttery-banana ones are our favorite for this.) There’s a Jamba Juice right at the intersection of the 215 and the 60 if you’re driving in from Los Angeles. Then, when you come to the dropzone for your jump, bring along a few healthy nibbles to make sure your blood sugar stays stable–or grab food from our on-campus restaurant, the Bomb Shelter.

4. Treat Your First Time Skydiving Experience Like The Landmark Event It Truly Is.

Your first-time skydive is the kind of moment that will leave a lasting impression on your life. Get the photos! Get the Video! Plan to spend the day! You’ve never done anything like this in your life, and–as it was for all of us at Perris–this first jump might be the start of a new era for you. Welcome it with open arms.

5. Don’t Wait!

We’re ready over here at Skydive Perris to walk you through everything you need to know in order to have the best first-time skydiving experience ever. Please don’t be shy–call us up and ask us anything you want to know! We’re stoked to answer all your questions, and to welcome you into the extended Perris “skyfamily.”

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