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World’s Best Skydiving Center

There's No Place Like Perris

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Dropzone Amenities

Perris Skydiving School

One Of The First!
Our school was one of the country’s first to teach people how to fly modern parachutes, and we continue to be considered among the world’s best! We average more than 100,000 jumps each year, many of which are tandem skydives and student skydives.

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Fleet Of Aircraft

Private Airport
Our fleet of twin-turbine aircraft is meticulously cared for by our on-site aircraft maintenance division. And, as we’re located on a private airport, our jump planes are likely the only aircraft you’ll see at the dropzone – no waiting around for the runway to clear!

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Vertical Wind Tunnel

Indoor Skydiving
We were among the first dropzones to incorporate an indoor skydiving simulator into operations, and we remain one of the world’s only dropzones with an on-site wind tunnel! Ages 3 and up fly for fun; PSP students improve bodyflight skills; and skydivers train for competition.

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The Bombshelter

Restaurant & Bar
The Bombshelter is the ultimate spot to enjoy a delicious meal, have a post-jump drink, or watch skydivers play as they soar across the SoCal sky! The restaurant and bar overlook our glittering swimming pool and offer the perfect view of our landing area. Check out our events calendar!

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Swimming Pool

A Desert Oasis
Bring your swimsuit! There’s no better way to relax after jumping out of planes than by jumping into our pool! Lounge in the sun or kick back in the shade while watching your favorite skydiver fly overhead. Your support crew can enjoy it too! (Under age 16 must be with an adult.)

Our Packing Staff

Here To Help!
We have a dedicated packing team of certified FAA Senior and Master riggers on staff. If you have limited time between jumps or just want a break from packing yourself, they’ve got your back! Our packers can be hired on a per-pack basis.

Gold State Gear

On-Site Pro Shop
Need to rent a rig for the day? Gold State Gear is your destination of choice! They also sell top-quality rigs and other skydiving gear, skydiving merch, and even skydiving books! Contact them directly by phone, shoot them an email, or visit the store at the DZ.

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Expanding Horizons

On-Site Rigging Loft
Expanding Horizons is a full-service rigging loft staffed by FAA Senior and Master riggers who can accommodate all of your needs, from simple repacks to major repairs. Visit the loft on-site at Skydive Perris or contact Expanding Horizons by phone or by email.

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Getting Around Perris

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