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Field Trips Through Indoor Skydiving’s STEM Program


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 5 years ago

Students always look forward to field trips. Memories with friends on the bus ride and opportunities to experience an educational adventure outside of the typical classroom-filled day fills students with excitement. In the weeks and days prior, there’s a build-up of energy in the classroom as conversations filter in about a day away from school and signed permission slips are returned. But if the field trip itself doesn’t end up meeting expectations, students easily become bored.

At Skydive Perris, we know that. Everybody here has gone through school and taken part in field trips that are remembered for years and the ones forgotten within a month. Our facilities provide the potential for a thrilling skydiving adventure for students. Have they never skydived before? Never learned the proper form to maintain balance inside a wind tunnel? That’s not a problem. We’ve worked hard to put together a program that’ll take students from preschool to university on a physics thrill ride that’ll have them running for their graphing calculators.

Book your school’s skydiving experience today and become a part of the emerging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) community. From learning the numbers and principles behind skydiving to partaking in our indoor wind tunnel, students  — whether they’re preschoolers or university students, or somewhere in between — will be a part of a day they’ll remember for years.

Who’s this indoor skydiving experience for?

Our instructors at Skydive Perris are able to train children as young as three to fly in our Southern California indoor skydiving wind tunnel. That means there’s no student left behind. While those nine-plus tend to get the most out of the educational material, simply because of their ability to comprehend and retain the calculations and principles —  it’s never too early to inspire a kid with an interactive STEM experience.

What will a student walk away knowing more about?

During their day at Skydive Perris, students will receive an education based on the principles of STEM: how our indoor wind tunnel works and allows them to fly, how their bodies in flight are affected by the forces of lift, drag and resistance, and how the principles of STEM pertain to parachutes and aviation.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in math and physics experiments inside and outside the tunnel, and everyone will take part in two one-minute flight sessions priced at our super-low educational rate designed for your budget.

Flying isn’t all, though. Students will also take part in an interactive parachute packing demonstration before heading over to the dropzone landing area and watching skydivers engage their parachutes in real-time. From there, they’ll head over to our shiny collection of historic airplanes, getting a personalized tour of a World War I Fokker Triplane, a World War II DC-3 airplane, and planes used for skydiving scenes in movies military training. 

When everyone piles back on the bus at the end of the day, students will have a personalized Flight Certificate, unforgettable memories and a new appreciation of STEM.

What else should I know about bringing a student field trip to Skydive Perris?

  • Looking for lesson plan help? View our physical science lesson using Newton’s Laws of Motion relating to skydiving.
  • You will have a dedicated field trip planner who will work with you from the time you contact our office until the time you depart Perris Valley Airport, so you’ll be informed of all the key preparations. Consult our indoor skydiving FAQs for additional information on how to prepare.
  • Everybody knows that lunch is one of the most important parts of any field trip. It’s easy here at Skydive Perris! Our on-campus bar and grill offers a range of (advance-order) $6 lunch options, served and enjoyed within range of landing parachutists and airplanes in action. 

Are you ready to see your students’ minds, imaginations and bodies take flight? At Skydive Perris, we want to help students will experience a field trip like none other. After a day on our campus, your classroom will be filled with parachute and airplane conversations for the rest of the school year. Get in touch with us today and work out the details for your next field trip.

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