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Top Skydiving FAQs Answered

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 6 years ago

Every new skydiver has questions! And, here at Perris, we love to answer ‘em. Here are our best, most complete responses to the five biggest questions that tend to come up from hungry new jumpers tying on a napkin for their first nibble of freefall. Bon appetite!

Question #1: Is Skydiving Scary?

Oh heck yeah, skydiving is scary. Skydiving is one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. Everyone is terrified the first time they hang their feet out the side of a flying airplane. But y’know what? Skydiving is the best kind of scary.

Here’s the truth: Skydiving’s scariness is exactly why you should do it. Jumping out into the sky, high above your normal everyday life, puts every first-time tandem skydiver way outside the ol’ comfort zone. Really, that’s the point of jumping out of a plane. Tandem skydiving offers you the safest possible space to enjoy having done something extraordinarily brave and extraordinarily powerful — and that’s only true because it’s scary.

tandem skydiving exit from plane

Question #2. Is Skydiving Safe?

The coolest thing about that fear we were talking about is that it’s vastly disproportionate to the actual danger of skydiving. In fact, the statistics state that making a skydive is significantly safer than driving from home to the dropzone. (Unconvinced? Here’s a look at the skydiving safety statistics we’re working from.)

The National Safety Council has an even more fun stack of numbers. The NSC figures point out that you’re much more likely to die getting struck by lightning or stung by a bee than you are to die skydiving. Summary: Lightning? Bees?! So much nope. Skydiving? HECK YES PLEASE.

tandem skydiving student and instructor land from skydive
photo by: Dennis Sattler

Question #3: Is It Easy To Skydive?

It sure is! When you arrive at Skydive Perris to make your tandem skydive with us, we’ll take great care of you. We’ve put together this website, first of all, as a repository for clear, useful information about skydiving. Then, when you ring us up to make your reservation, we’ll thoroughly explain the details regarding the simple things you can do to optimize your first time skydiving experience (what to eat for your skydive; what to wear; etc). On the day of your skydive, we’ll thoroughly brief you about the equipment and the procedures during a fun, highly digestible “ground school” that will leave you feeling ready and stoked for your jump. We’ll be here for you every step of the way, from the first time a tandem skydive occurs to you to the moment you land on our world-famous dropzone!

tandem skydiver talks with instructor before the jump
photo by: Dennis Sattler

Question #4: Is Skydiving Worth The Expense?

Like crazy. There’s a reason that tandem skydiving is the most popular adventure activity in the world. Tandem skydiving is everything it’s cracked up to be and much, much more. Pretty much everyone who skydives for the first time reports that skydiving changed them in profound, unexpected, positive ways. In fact, lots of people literally drop everything after that first jump and make skydiving the center of their lives.

When you consider that a tandem skydive costs about as much as a big night out, you might ask yourself when the last Saturday night you spent on the town changed your entire perspective on life for the better. Right? Right.

3 girls smile and embrace after landing from first tandem skydive
photo by: Dennis Sattler

Question #5: Y’all Ready For This?

We were BORN ready. For skydiving near Los Angeles, there’s no better choice than the legendary Skydive Perris. Book your tandem skydive online today or contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer any further tandem skydiving questions you might have!

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