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Comprehensive Wingsuit Training


Wingsuiting at Skydive Perris with Lightning Flight

Skydive Perris offers a Twin Otter and/or Skyvan every day of the week which are ideal jumpships for wingsuit pilots.   Our highly experienced wingsuit load organizers and coaches are knowledgable and proficient with most common brands of wingsuits and all types of wingsuit flight.  Lightning flight coaches can help you excel in all areas of wingsuit flight including but not limited to horizontal and vertical formations, individual performance training, and acrobatics and carving.  If your desire is to learn to fly a wingsuit or improve on your existing wingsuit piloting skills please see us for coaching options.

Wingsuit Coaching

We offer comprehensive wingsuit training ranging from beginner to advanced flight techniques and formations. View a list of our wingsuit coaches here.

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Wingsuit Rentals

Wingsuit rentals are available to experienced wingsuit pilots with a logbook to confirm their qualifications. 


Wingsuit first flight course requirements:

  1. A minimum of 200 skydives, preferably in the last 18 months for currency
  2. A USPA B-license or equivalent
  3. A docile main canopy loaded at 1.3 : 1 (i.e. Performance Designs Spectre, Storm, or Sabre2, Icarus Safire2, Aerodyne Pilot)
  4. BOC (Bottom of Container) deployment system
  5. Pilot chute at least 28 inches in diameter and a minimum 7-foot bridle (measured from pin to pilot chute)
  6. Visual hand- or chest-mount altimeter and audible altimeter
  7. Hard Helmet
  8. An AAD is strongly recommended
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