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The Perris FS Organizers

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Dan BC.jpg

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Jumps:  Lots 

Jumping since: Before time Began 

Ratings: Yes

DZ where you learned to jump: Taught the world to jump

Nationality: American

Favorite Saying : “Mark, you are right.” 

Book: Above All Else: A World Champion Skydiver's Story of Survival and What It Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and Success

Grace Katz

Grace Katz

Jumps:   6,000+
Jumping since: July 2008 
Ratings: Coach, AFF-I
DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris
Nationality: Argentinean ...even though I get told I'm too ‘americanized’ to be one!
Favorite Quote:  “In a world where routine is common, skydiving give us (skydivers) an opportunity to constantly learn and improve, but never master.”
Most memorable jump: The first one!
Contact: 858.229.9500 

Main: Pilot 104 - Aerodyne, Crossfire 3 109
Container: Icon by Aerodyne
Reserve: Smart 120LPV - Aerodyne
AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs
Suit: Competition/TonySuits
Helmet: Phantom X & Kiss - Square One 

David Schrager.jpg

David Schrager

Jumps: 5,500+

Jumping since: 1996

Ratings: AFF, Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Parachutes over Palm Springs - 

Bermuda Dunes, CA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: “I did not brain lock, I just forgot the point”

Most Memorable Skydive: The last one, of course.

Contact: 760.333.7756, david@perrisorganizers.com 

Main:  JFX 2 89

Container:  Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 120LPV- Aerodyne

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit: Tony Competition Suit FS ‚Äč

Helmet:  Cookie G3

Altimeter:  Visual Altitrack - L&B

Audible:  ProTrack  - L&B

Camera:  GoPro 

Favorite Pull up cord :  Perris Organizers

Erik Prime 2.jpg

Erik Prime

Jumps: 8,000+ 

Jumping since: 1994

Ratings: Slacker

DZ where you learned to jump:  Skydive Wissota - Chippewa Falls, WI

Nationality: Yankee

Favorite Quotes: “There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there aren't many old, bold pilots.”

Most Memorable Skydive:  Organizing a 36-way from a Hercules C-130.  We tried launching an 18-way chunk, which proceeded to funnel for the next 5000 feet.

Main: PD Valkyrie 79

Container:  Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 110 - Aerodyne

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit: Tony Suit and Liquid Sky

Helmet: Cookie Composites

Altimeter: Viso II - L&B

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson


Jumping since: 


DZ where you learned to jump: 


Favorite Quotes: 

Most Memorable Skydive: 


Rob Roberts

Rob Roberts

Jumps: 1,200+

Jumping since: 2018

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: "It’s more than jumping out of an airplane; it’s falling with style.” and “To those that jump, no explanation is necessary. To those that don’t jump, no explanation is possible.”

Most Memorable Skydive: My first. Some of my teammates at work had come into my office and closed my door that week. Was told that I needed an intervention as they were receiving too many weekend emails. They told me to get a life outside of work – get a hobby. Went thru my bucket list and re-visited how much I loved a tandem jump many years ago. Tried another tandem at Perris and signed up for an AFF course after I landed. My weekend emails to my teammates have dropped significantly ever since.

Main: 190 Sabre 2

Reserve: 170 Optimum

Container: Javelin

AAD: Vigil

Suit: Liquidsky

Jeff Hill

Jeff Hill

Jumps: 1,700+

Jumping since: 2017

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: Pulu-Cee Bagumba-Weee

Most Memorable Skydive: all of the ones with more than one person!

Main Sabre 3-120

Icon by Aerodyne

Smart 120

AAD Vigil

Tony suit




Danielle Barlow

Danielle Barlow

Jumps: 1,820

Jumping Since: 2009

Ratings: Coach

Dz Where I Learned to Jump: Skydive Perris with Jim Wallace Skydiving School

Nationality: USA [and German (I'm dual!)]

Favorite Quote: "Alive or just breathing?" or "Measure twice, cut once"

Most Memorable Jump: There are so many....hmmm....Jumping into the Playa at Burning Man 2011 was super epic. And jumping into Sorrell Ranch in Moab, Utah was breathtaking. I will never forget my first night jump or my first balloon jump. I wish balloon jumps were easier to get to (it's hard to get up at 3 am for a jump) and cheaper because I would do those every day if I could. Oh and the cross country high pull at Lost Prairie Boogie was amazing. Oh and the glacier jump in Alaska wasn't too shabby. Oh! and the Lake Havasu Boogie jumps were beautiful but unfortunately no longer allowed. OH! and the solo jump in Interlaken, Switzerland was beyond belief!

Main: Pilot 168 - Aerodyne

Container: CURV

Reserve: 170 PD Optimum

AAD: Vigil

Suit: Tony

Helmet: TonyFly FX!

Greg Gabbard

Greg Gabbard

Jumps: 4,500+

Ratings: AFF-I, Coach, Master Rigger

DZ where you learned to jump: Hazen, AR. Static-line from C-182... Go on out and hang!

First cutaway: FIRST JUMP!!!

Favorite Quotes: "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough!"

Most Memorable Skydive: First formation jump with my dad and older brother (3-way) on my 12th jump!

Main: PD Sabre 2 170

Reserve: PD Optimum 176

Container: Rigging Innovations Talon FX

Vigil II


Dima Vinichenko

Dima Vinichenko

Jumps: 1300+

Jumping since: technically - since I was not even born (my mother made a few jumps while being pregnant)

DZ where you learned to jump: DZ Mayskoe, Skydive Perris 

Nationality: Ukrainian

Favorite Quotes: "There is nothing you can really do, good or bad,  that most of the people in this room already didn't do multiple times"  ©Mark Brown

Most Memorable Skydive: I guess one with my son on his 10th birthday (tandem, I was filming. Yes, it is legal somewhere :) ) I wasn't that nervous even on my own first jumps. 

Container: SWS Fire

Main: Magellan 150

Reserve: PD 176

AAD: Mars2

Suit: Skylark energy / Skylark excellence.

Max Heidari

Max Heidari

Jumps:  1,000+

Jumping since: May 2017

Ratings: Coach, AFF-i

Where I learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: Persian

Favorite quote: "I can quit anytime!"

Most memorable jump: My first (already gave beer so don’t ask)! Skydiving was never on my bucket list but I did it anyway. I hated it so much that never tried it again! Oh wait a second…
Before your first jump you are asked to sign a waiver. I think they should change it. It should include: “Skydiving is highly addictive, time consuming super fun sport which results in rapid deflation of your bank account/wallet. You understand that we are not liable for any addiction therapy needed in future
as a result of skydiving.” 
Although I should mention that I can quit ANYTIME! *SNIFF* this jump ticket smells so good!

Main: Pilot 132 - Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 135 - Aerodyne

ContainerL ICON A - Aerodyne

AAD: Cypres 2

Suit: Tony

Helmet: Kiss

Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher

Jumps: 950+

Jumping since: 2016

Ratings: AFF-I

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris (the best DZ in the world)

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: "That'll never work. I'm in!!!" 

Most Memorable Skydive: I did a 2 way with Dan BC at jump 15 out of the skyvan, Dan used teleportation to fly backwards.


Marlene Moradian

Marlene Moradian

Jumps: 1,200+

Jumping since: January 2018

DZ: Skydive Perris 

Nationality: Armenian-American 

Favourite quotes: “If it ain’t showin’ you love, cut that sh*t away!” (Dan BC); “…And we’ll do it just like that in the air. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!” (Grace Katz); “Whatever you do, for God’s sake, IMPROVISE!” (Mark Brown)

Most memorable jump: AFF level 3 with Dan BC and Mark Brown - it was this jump that I realized my choice to ride down the plane due to fear was finally over! Also, first formation load during P3… being outside float and looking up at two other planes was the most surreal experience!

Main: Katana 120

Container: Icon V

Reserve: Smart 120 LPV

AAD: Vigil II

Helmet: Kiss

Audible: SonoAlti

Altimeter: Viso II+

Ratings: coach, AFFI

Kelly Saltern

Kelly Saltern

Jumps: 2,900+

Jumping since: 2002 

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Hazleton, PA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: "Only fools and bird shit fall from the sky" -My Dad

Most Memorable Skydive: Sept 2007 a 5-way sunset jump with my brother over Lake Champlain in Vermont and landing on beautiful farmland

Main: Spectre 135

Reserve: PD Optimum 126

Container: Mirage

AAD: Cypres

Suit: Bevsuit

Helmet: Kiss


Keri Kunkle

Keri Kunkle

Jumps: 900+

Jumping since: September 2020

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: Still thinking about it ;) 

Most Memorable Skydive: My moms second tandem jump. Getting to highfive and spin her in the sky is something I won't ever forget.

Main: Sabre 3 150

Reserve: PD Optimum 143

Container: Infinity

AAD: Cypress

Suit: JC Fly

Helmet: Kiss


Christy Frikken

Christy Frikken

Jumps: 17,000+

Jumping since: 2001

Ratings: Coach, AFF, Pro

DZ where you learned to jump: The Ranch

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: "Boldness has genius and power in it; begin it now"

Most Memorable Skydive: I have been lucky enough to have so many special skydiving memories with so many wonderful friends! It is too hard to name a favorite :)


Paula Thues.jpg

Paula Thues

Jumps:  5,700+

Jumping since: 1988

DZ where you learned to jump: California City

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Skydivers know why birds sing.”

Most memorable jump: Demo jump into our neighborhood park for our annual Easter Beer Hunt.  Seeing my home from a bird’s eye view was amazing.

Main: Pink Spector 135

Reserve: Tempo 143

Container: My Aerodyne is on it's way

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit:  Flip Side Suits

Dan Pillasch

Dan Pillasch

Jumps: 11,912+

Jumping since: 1971

Where I learned to jump: Ft. Benning, GA and Skydive Elsinore

Nationality: US

Favorite Quotes: "Good Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment – learn from your mistakes and only make them once"

Most Memorable Skydive:   Every jump with my friends.

Main:  Katana 107

Container:  Curve

Reserve: Smart 120

AAD: Vigil II

Suit: Liquid Sky

Helmet: Kiss full face

Fess Edwards

Fess Edwards

Jumps: 4,000+ 

Jumping since: 7 rounds in 1969, Squares since 1989

Home DZ : Skydive Perris

Nationality: 2nd generation American married to a Palestinian immigrant for 44 years

Favorite Quotes: “If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room.”
And “The definition of character is doing the right thing when no one is watching.”

Most Memorable Skydive:  328-way World Record attempt in Eloy 2002, solo in Belize so beautiful I almost forgot to pull, Nevada state record with my son 2009, Dan BC’s first jump after the crash, so many ash dives of friends passed

Main: Sabre 3 170 (I’m old and conservative.)

Container:  Black and Rainbow Vector 3 for the past 30 years

Fun Fess Fact: If you’re having a gynecologic emergency on the DZ call me, I’m your guy.

Dillon Cole

Dillon Cole

Jumps: almost 1,000

Jumping since: June 2019

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Oahu Parachute Center

Nationality: 'Merica!!

Favorite Quotes: Teach less, better.

Most Memorable Skydive: The time my wife Amanda hooked up my main parachute wrong, and it led to me having my first cutaway. She really wants that life insurance. Lol


Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole

Jumps: almost 1,000 (but less than my husband)

Jumping since: First tandem Feb 16, 2019 (Licensed since Dec 5, 2020)

Ratings: Coach

DZ  where you learned to jump: Started AFF at Pacific Skydiving Hawaii but finished AFF here at Perris

Nationality: Hoosier! Haha!

Favorite quotes: “The sky isn’t the limit, it’s merely the beginning.” -Me “For god sake, IMPROVISE!” -Mark Brown

Most memorable jump: My first time participating in a multi-plane big-way. Seeing all of the other jumpers racing out of the planes to get to their slot, it was like watching controlled/planned chaos. Yet it all came together perfectly, I made it to my slot, docked, and landed safely. Then went right back up and did it all over again.

Second most memorable: New Year’s Eve I hooked up my husband Dillon’s canopy after cleaning the cables (I left it in the bag while I did this). The next day we did a 2-way belly, I tracked off, then as I’m under canopy I see him cutting away. I land beside him to ask what happened to which he responded “You hooked up my main wrong!” To which I defensively respond “No I didn’t! Wait…”

Jim Dinning

Jim Dinning

Jumps: 1,300+

Jumping since: 2018 

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Taft

Nationality: American 

Favorite Quotes: “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives”.

Most Memorable Skydives: My 4th Jump (cut away) and 112 way attempt from 9k. Any jump with my mentors Dan, Christy, Kate, etc.


Family Owned Since 1976