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Skydive Perris is Re-Opening on May 30th!!


Please click HERE to read the Skydive Perris COVID-19 SOPs BEFORE you come the drop zone.

Current Licensed jumpers and those needing essential re-currency training are invited to join us.

We are offering free re-currency training on May 30 and 31.  Please email manifest@skydiveperris.com if you will be attending.

We're going to start off weekends only but expect to be adding days very shortly.

We are making plans to get our students who are in the middle of AFF and those working towards their "A" License back in the air as soon as possible.

Be sure your gear is in date and that you have money on account so that we can limit traffic in the manifest.

Keep an eye on the website for further details.


The Perris FS Organizers

Make sure you join our Facebook Group to get the most recent news and events! If you do NOT have a Facebook account, you can use our GUEST ONLY Facebook account:
Email: perrisguest@gmail.com 
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Anderson Briglia

Jumps: 850+

Jumping since: December 2011

DZ Where you learned to jump: Skydive Amazonas - Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian

Favorite Quote: "There is no spoon" - Monk kid, The Matrix

Most memorable jump: First time participating on a big-way with 2 planes. Seeing people jumping from another plane was exhilarating.

Main: Aerodyne Pilot 124

Reserve: Smart by Aerodyne

Container: Icon by Aerodyne

AAD: Cypres 2

Suits: Tony suits and Skyleno.


Mariana Briglia

Jumps:  650+

Jumping since: December 2011  

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Amazonas - Brazil 

Nationality: Brazilian 

Favorite Quote: “Garlic Chicken!!!” (long story)

Most memorable jump: My 100th jump was a 4-way with my husband, Dan BC and Christy Frikken, that was the time I tasted 4-way heaven. 

Main: Pilot 124 by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 120 by Aerodyne

Container: Icon by Aerodyne

AAD: Cypres 2

Suits: Tony Suit and Zoomer


Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Jumps:  Lots 

Jumping since: Before time Began 

Ratings: Yes

DZ where you learned to jump: Taught the world to jump

Nationality: American

Favorite Saying : “Mark, you are right.” 

Book: Above All Else: A World Champion Skydiver's Story of Survival and What It Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and Success

Mark Brown.png

Mark Brown

Jumps: 14,899 (But who's counting..)  

Jumping since: 1991

Ratings:  AFF, Rigger

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Favorite Quote: “If you don't want to BE low don't FLY there!”

Second Favorite Quote: “Darryld, you were right.”

New Favorite Quote: “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, NOT so much.”

Favorite Saying : “Whatever you do, for God's sake, improvise!”

Most memorable jump: 285 Way 30 miles from the DZ. 

Contact: 951.443.4054 


Main: Pilot 96

Container: Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 110 - Aerodyne

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit: Competition Suit by Skyleno ​

Helmet: Kiss - Square One

Altimeter: ProDitter - L&B

Camera:  GoPro Hero 2


Shannon Catalano

Jumps:  1000+

Jumping since: November 3, 2013

Ratings: AFF-I 

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: San Diegan

Favorite Quote: “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

Most memorable jump: My first!  I had no idea what I was getting into and how it would change my life.

Main: Sabre2 120

Reserve: PD Optimum 160

Container: Mirage

AAD: Cypres 2

Suit:  Tony Suit


Jon Dewhurst

Jumps: 800ish

DZ: I learned to skydive, Vegas extreme skydiving 

Nationality: British 

Favourite quotes: “This is gonna work, do you know why? Because we’re gonna fly the sh#t out of it!”

“You have to think about the skydive like any other sport: if you're running the 400 meters, you don’t chill and take your foot off the gas after being the fastest off the line to the first 100 meters!”

Most memorable jump: my first tandem, I hated that it scared me, so I decided to own it! 

I still to this day dislike flying in airplanes, I tolerate it to get me where I want to be. 

Main: Icarus Crossfire 3 139

Container: Vector

Reserve: PD op160

AAD: Cypres 2

Suit: Symbiosis Slo-Po 

Helmet: Cookie G3

Ratings: coach, with AFF and tandem coming very soon.

PHOTO: Jon Dewhurst


Keith Conner

​Jumps: 700 

Jumping since:  2016

Where I learned to Skydive: Perris 

Nationality: Amerrrrrican 

Favorite Quote: not off the top of my head 

Most memorable jump: 12-way form 5500 feet (and we built it) 

Main: Katana 120

Container: Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 160 - Aerodyne

AAD: Cypres 

Suit: Competition Suit by Tony

Helmet: Kiss - Square One

Altimeter: ProDitter  - Alti-2

Camera:  GoPro Hero 2


Bob Ferguson

Jumps:  5,000 +

Jumping since: Time Began 

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Don't Hurt Me”

Most memorable jump: I don't remember, I'm Old.

Kasey Harris.png

Kasey Harris

Jumps:  1000+

Jumping since: Tandem – May 26, 2013 ~ FJC – June 27, 2013 ~ Came to Perris December 27, 2013 with 39 jumps ~ 500 Jumps – March 14, 2015 (Impressive, isn’t it?)

Ratings: Coach, AFF-I 

DZ where you learned to jump: West Plains Skydiving, a.k.a. “Skydive the Ritz” in Ritzville, Washington ~ IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment) Training – starts off with hanging off a Cessna 182 strut, doing hop ‘n’ pops from 3,500’

Nationality: American, from the North

Favorite Quote: Prayer before every jump: “Dear God, please don’t let me f**k up first, or worst. Amen!”

Most memorable jump: My 500th, a completed 20-way with some of my best friends at Perris. Afterward I got pied with about 20 pies & tossed in the pool. :)

Main: Sabre2 150 – People often tell me I should downsize. I ask them why.

Reserve: Raven 181

Container: Infinity

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs 

Suit:  Tony Suit


Cat Isgrigg

Jumps: 1000+

Jumping Since: 2011

Ratings: Coach

Dz Where I Learned to Jump: Skydive Tecumseh, MI

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path.”

Most Memorable Jump: My first tandem. I had no idea what I was getting into and had zero intention of becoming a skydiver, but that was the jump that changed everything. It brought this sport and these people into my life, and nothing has been the same since. 

Main: 150 Axon by Innovative Parachute Technologies

Container: Wings

Reserve: 176 PD Optimum

AAD: Cypres 2

Suit: Tony

Helmet: Kiss


MO (Mohammed Al Kalidi)

Jumps:  3,400

Jumping since: First jump 1998.

became a skydiver after coming to perris....

Ratings: Coach, AFF, Tandem,Pro,Staticline

Where I learned to jump: Baghdad

Where I learned to Skydive: Skydive Perris

Nationality: U.S.Citizen Baby!


Grace Katz

Jumps:   3700+
Jumping since: July 2008 
Ratings: Coach
DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris
Nationality: Argentinean ...even though I get told I'm too ‘americanized’ to be one!
Favorite Quote:  “In a world where routine is common, skydiving give us (skydivers) an opportunity to constantly learn and improve, but never master.”
Most memorable jump: The first one!
Contact: 858.229.9500 

Main: Pilot 104 - Aerodyne
Container: Icon by Aerodyne
Reserve: Smart 120LPV - Aerodyne
AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs
Suit: Competition/TonySuits
Helmet: Phantom X & Kiss - Square One 


Erik Prime

Jumps: 6000+ 

Jumping since: 1994

Ratings: Slacker

DZ where you learned to jump:  Skydive Wissota - Chippewa Falls, WI

Nationality: Yankee

Favorite Quotes: “There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, 

but there aren't many old, bold pilots.”

Most Memorable Skydive:  Organizing a 36-way from a 

Hercules C-130.  We tried launching an 18-way chunk, 

which proceeded to funnel for the next 5000 feet.

Main: Xaos-21 85 - Precision Aerodynamics

Container:  Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 110 - Aerodyne

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit: Liquid Sky

Helmet: Factory Diver - SkySystems USA

Altimeter: Viso II - L&B


David Schrager

Jumps: 4000+

Jumping since: 1996

Ratings: AFF, Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Parachutes over Palm Springs - 

Bermuda Dunes, CA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quotes: “I did not brain lock, I just forgot the point”

Most Memorable Skydive: The last one, of course.

Contact: 760.333.7756, david@perrisorganizers.com 

Main:  Zulu 102 - Aerodyne

Container:  Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 120LPV- Aerodyne

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit: Competition Suit by Skyleno ​

Helmet:  Phantom X & Kiss - Square ONE

Altimeter:  Visual Altitrack - L&B

Audible:  ProTrack  - L&B

Camera:  GoPro Hero 2

Favorite Pull up cord :  Perris Organizers


Paula Thues

Jumps:  4850

Jumping since: 1988

DZ where you learned to jump: California City

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Skydivers know why birds sing.”

Most memorable jump: Demo jump into our neighborhood park for our annual Easter Beer Hunt.  Seeing my home from a bird’s eye view was amazing.

Main: Pink Spector 135

Reserve: Tempo 143

Container: My Aerodyne is on it's way

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit:  Flip Side Suits

Family Owned Since 1976