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The Perris Wingsuit Organizers

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Dan Dupuis

Dan is the owner of Lightning Flight school; for coaching and information, email at daniel@dupuis.ws 

Dan is not only our team photographer, highly skilled at shooting complex subjects both in the air and on the ground, he is also one of our main wingsuit organizers. Check out his work at www.DDupuis.com.


Val Sobol

Val started competing in wingsuit acrobatics soon after she started to fly. As a load organizer her focus is on dynamic, multi-point formations and as a coach she encourages new jumpers to start backflying.  Val was a former collegiate soccer player and now enjoys paragliding and rock climbing in her spare time. Somehow she still manages to hold down a day job at Raytheon using her degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.


Scotty Bob

Scotty Bob is one of the most recognized wingsuit pilots in the world for his achievements in the BASE jumping environment. With his analytical approach to flying large wingsuits and his experience in terrain and proximity flying he has dedicated himself to increasing knowledge and developing processes to improve upon what is now an under-coached discipline within wingsuiting. He’s kind of a big deal... (read his profile in the Wall Street Journal), and we’re happy to have him based in Southern California. Catch him when you can!


Randy Seib

Randy is a dedicated wingsuit coach and load organizer holding multiple USPA instructional ratings. His passion and talent shine through in his coaching tracking suits  and acrobatic flying and he's a very fun and attentive teacher. When he’s not at the dropzone he works as a contractor helping people to build their dream homes. If you love our team room at Skydive Perris (we do!), you can give Randy a high-five.


Joe Nesbitt

Joe is a BASE jumper, skydiver, and wingsuiter who grew up around the sport and has over a decade of plummeting experience. He enjoys organizing all kinds of wingsuit jumps as well as racing in the Wide Open Wingsuit Series. With a BSBA from Xavier University, he has a career in Sales and Marketing and is passionate about fitness in his spare time. (did someone say Crossfit?). He contributes to Blue Skies Magazine and writes a no-holds-barred blog.


Matt Blank

A highly experienced BASE jumper, climber, and skydiving instructor, Matt brings finely tuned adrenaline management skills and a relaxed, confidence-inspiring demeanor to his wingsuit and BASE preparation coaching. He holds a USPA AFF instructor rating and is an accomplished stunt performer. He blogs eloquently about the jumping life on his website, www.BlanketStunts.com.


Mike Naddor

Mike BASE jumps, rock climbs, plays soccer, surfs, crashes motorcyles, and skiis. His years in the Rockies as a ski instructor honed a simple and light-hearted teaching style that breaks down instruction into fun, bite-sized pieces. He brings serious enthusiasm to his load organizing and outfit choices, much like his BFF Sean Devlin. He’s also an awarding-winning filmmaker, professional drone pilot, and two-time karaoke champion. Check out some of his work at se3dfilmworks.com.

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