Canopy Control Course

Flight-1 Canopy Control Course


Skydive Perris is pleased to announce we will be hosting Canopy Control Courses featuring world-renowned PD Factory team training unit, Flight-1. Our courses will be led by Flight-1 Canopy Instructor Daniel McLaurin and will be held on a monthly basis. No matter your skill level, these comprehensive courses will greatly improve your understanding of the parachute and how to make it perform.

You DO NOT have to wait until you are licensed to attend our canopy courses! We highly encourage you begin progressing your canopy skills as soon as possible! Once you reach SOLO status you are able to attend a canopy course.

Flight 101 & 102 courses will satisfy the requirements for USPA’s B License Canopy Proficiency Card, and so much more!

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Flight 101 – Flying The Modern Wing

Deals specifically with creating good, soft, consistently accurate landings. You will fully understand the correct flare technique and develop the ability to debrief personal performance. The course defines the flight plan, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and safety. Finally, stalls and stall recovery techniques introduce controls to help understand the full performance range of the canopy
Requirements: Cleared to self supervise

Flight 102 – The Canopy Performance Range

Explores the performance range of the canopy so that you can deal with emergency situations and difficult atmospheric condition. You will be given more safety and survival tools, including controlled turns using different inputs, turn dynamics, dive recovery, and how to deal with a long spot
Requirements: Attended Flight 101

Pricing and schedule:

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