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Roberta Mancinojpg.jpg

Roberta Mancino

(not here between June and October)

Jumps: 9500+

Jumping since: 2000

Ratings: Freefly freestyle and wingsuit coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Nettuno, Italy

Nationality: Italian

Favorite Quote: too many to choose!

Rene Diaz

René Diaz

Jumps: 1,500+

Jumping since: 2017

Ratings: D, coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “I wanna do a cartwheel. But real casual-like. Not enough to make a big deal out of it, but I know everyone saw it. One stunning, gorgeous cartwheel.” -Creed Bratton-

Most memorable jump: my first solo looking around thinking what an odd place for a human to be.

Nico Giraldo.jpg

Nico Girlado

Jumps: 1700

Jumping since: 2011

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach, Tandem Instructor

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Taft 

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Yea well, what are you, a f'n world traveler?” ~ Mona Lisa Vito

Adam Villareal

Adam Villarreal

Jumps: 1,000+

Jumping since: 2015 

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris 

Nationality: Hispanic

Favorite Quote: "Whether you say you can or can’t, you’re right."


Katie Hansen.jpg

Katie Hansen

Jumps: 6000

Jumping since: 2003

Ratings: D, pro, coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Blue Skies Skydiving in Bremerton, WA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” - John Shedd

David Lang

David Lang

Jumps: 2,600+

Jumping since: 2013

DZ where you learned to jump: Lincoln Sport Parachute Club (LSPC), Weeping Water, NE

Ratings: Coach

Nationality: American

Favorite quote: "Door!"

Most memorable jump: my very first jump, static line, September 9, 2013 at 3500' in the rain. It was fantastic.

Adam Mason

Adam Mason

Jumps: 1,900+

Jumping since: 2015 

Ratings: Coach, AFF-i

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive The Ranch (NY) 

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: "Lead, follow, or get the #*@! out of the way..."

Zoe Dolan

Zoe Dolan

Jumps: 600+ and 30h+ of tunnel

Jumping since: 2018

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American 

Favorite Quote: “Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life." - Marcel Proust

Tamara Bartlett

Tamara Bartlett

Jumps: 1,500+!

Jumping since: 2014

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Elsinore

Ratings: Coach and TI 

Nationality: Iowan! (United Statesian)

Favorite quote/lyrics: "I got to keep my heart a-singing And for that anything I'll dare." -Gogol Bordello, Malandrino lyrics

Most memorable jump: An all women's six-way on my birthday during a WSN Mobile Mentorship; 5 super talented women (plus me @ 450 jumps), a 5 minute call + dirt dive = like 12 points

Kevin Gomez

Kevin Gomez


Jumping Since:  


DZ where you learned to jump: 


Favorite quote: 

Most memorable jump: 

Ryan Easton

Ryan Easton

Jumps: 1,800

Jumping since: 2014 

Ratings: AFF-i

Home DZ: Skydive Chicago

Katie Pee

Katie Pee

Jumps: 4,000+

Jumping since: September 2014

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Spaceland Houston

Ratings: Coach, AFF-I, TI

Favorite quote: "whoever said that dogs should not take acid, was clearly not a dog on acid”

Most memorable jump: my first Horny Gorilla!

Nathan Smith.jpg

Nathan Smith

​Jumps: 6900+

Jumping Since: 2010 

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Perris at Jim Wallace Skydive School

Nationality: American

Competition: 2011 USPA Bronze 4w VFS; 2012 USAP bronze 4w VFS; 2013 Open class Freefly National Champions (world meet qualifier); 2014 2w USAP bronze; 2014 Artistic USPA bronze

Records: 2011 CA State Record 58way; 2012 IL State Record 142way; 2012 FAI World Record 138way; 2013 CA State Record 64way; Texas State Record 33way 3pt sequential; 2014 FAI Head Up World Record 52way; 2015 FAI World Record 164way; 2017 CA State Record 80way.  

Favorite quote: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your values, your values become your destiny.” ~Mahatma Gandi

Favorite memory: Waking up to kangaroos fighting in the dz landing area in New South Wales, Australia

Main Canopy: Crossfire2 99

Container: Sunpath Javelin Odyssey

Suit: Liquid Sky 

Helmet: Cookie G3

Other gear: Denkunu Devices Smart Alti, Hypoxic Turned On, Globe Shoes, Spy Optics

Joel St John

Joel St John

​Jumps: 850+

Tunnel time: 25h+

Ratings: One day!

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Pepperell

Nationality: American

Captain of “The B-team”- Where the flying is acceptable…and the swoops are.. meh…

Favorite quotes: “I’m into Fitness….fit’ness taco in my mouth.”
“Lets Freaking Go!” - Becca Farewell Main-

Fluid Wings Gangster 107
Reserve- Pd Optimum 126
Container- Vector Micron 316
AAD- Cypress

Jeanine Bonvin.jpg

Jeanine Bonvin (J9)

Jumps:  4,000+

Jumping since: 2003, A-licensed 2004

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Pepperell in MA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Life is not a spectator sport”

Most Memorable Jump: Jump for the Cause, Women's World Record 2009

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