The Perris Freefly and Angle Organizers

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Sebastian Alvarez

(not here between June and October)

Jumps: 5000 +

Jumping since: 2006

Ratings: coach, tandem

DZ where you learned to jump: Paracaidismo Chile

Nationality: Chilean

Favorite Quote: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”


Jeanine Bonvin (J9)

Jumps: 3700+

Jumping since: 2003, A-licensed 2004

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Pepperell in MA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Life is not a spectator sport”

Most Memorable Jump: Jump for the Cause, Women's World Record 2009

Main: Pilot 104 - by Aerodyne

Main: Sabre2 120 - Performance Designs

Container:  Icon by Aerodyne

Reserve: Smart 135LPV - Aerodyne

AAD: Vigil by Advanced Aerospace Designs

Suit:  Skylerro, LiquidSky

Helmet: Phantom X - Square One


Nico Girlado

Jumps: 1700

Jumping since: 2011

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach, Tandem Instructor

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Taft 

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “Yea well, what are you, a f'n world traveler?” ~ Mona Lisa Vito


Veronica Giraldo

Jumps: 300+; 50hr tunnel

Ratings: Coach

Instructor at Perris Valley Indoor Skydive


Katie Hansen

Jumps: 6000

Jumping since: 2003

Ratings: D, pro, coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Blue Skies Skydiving in Bremerton, WA

Nationality: American

Favorite Quote: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” - John Shedd


Cory Harrison

Jumps: 1500+

Jumping since: 2014

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Delmarva

Nationality: American

Most Memorable Jump: Impromptu solo wingsuit jump over Longmont, CO at night.  Looking at the stars while back-flying, then pulling high and flying in brakes to spend more time looking at the city lights made for a pretty amazing jump. I can't adequately describe the feeling I got on that one.  Mind blown.


Dave Hebert

​Jumps: 6800+

Jumping Since: May 1998 

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach, Tandem Instructor, Pro

DZ where you learned to jump: The Canadian Skydive Center Didsbury, AB Canada

Nationality: Dual citizen of Canada and USA

Favorite quote: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

Most memorable jump: June 2014 Demo Swoop in Copenhagen, Denmark in front of 30,000 live spectators and 1 million on tv.

Main Canopy: Regular- NZ Aerosports Leia 70, Competition/XRW- Petra 62

Container: Sunpath Javelin Odyssey

Reserve: PDR106

AAD: Speed Cypres2

Suit: Liquid Sky Cosmo

Helmet: G3 and Tonfly 2.5x for camera.


Cody Hillyer

Jumps: 1270 – 1000+ hours of wind tunnel

Jumping since: 2006

Ratings: D License, Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Skydive Perris

Nationality: American


Walker Jesek

Jumps: 1000+, 50hrs tunnel 

DZ where you learned to jump: Mile-Hi Skydive Center in Longmont CO.

Nationality: American

Favorite quote: “Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda 

Main: JFX79

Reserve: Optimum 126

Container: Micron 306

AAD: Vigil II+ Pro


Roberta Mancino

(not here between June and October)

Jumps: 9500+

Jumping since: 2000

Ratings: Freefly freestyle and wingsuit coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Nettuno, Italy

Nationality: Italian

Favorite Quote: too many to choose!


Tommy Miller

Jumps: 7600+

Jumping since: 2014

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach, Tandem Instructor

Nationality: American

Likes VFS, and larger way vertical formations


Nathan Smith

​Jumps: 6900+

Jumping Since: 2010 

Ratings: Coach

DZ where you learned to jump: Perris at Jim Wallace Skydive School

Nationality: American

Competition: 2011 USPA Bronze 4w VFS; 2012 USAP bronze 4w VFS; 2013 Open class Freefly National Champions (world meet qualifier); 2014 2w USAP bronze; 2014 Artistic USPA bronze

Records: 2011 CA State Record 58way; 2012 IL State Record 142way; 2012 FAI World Record 138way; 2013 CA State Record 64way; Texas State Record 33way 3pt sequential; 2014 FAI Head Up World Record 52way; 2015 FAI World Record 164way; 2017 CA State Record 80way.  

Favorite quote: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your values, your values become your destiny.” ~Mahatma Gandi

Favorite memory: Waking up to kangaroos fighting in the dz landing area in New South Wales, Australia

Main Canopy: Crossfire2 99

Container: Sunpath Javelin Odyssey

Suit: Liquid Sky 

Helmet: Cookie G3

Other gear: Denkunu Devices Smart Alti, Hypoxic Turned On, Globe Shoes, Spy Optics

Family Owned Since 1976