At Skydive Perris we pride ourselves on our strong sense of  "family" and promote a very welcoming environment for all skydivers whether they are old friends or new faces.  You'll always have your Skydive Perris Family to jump with when you're at the dropzone so don't be shy,  walk up and say hello to one of our world class organizers, they're very down to earth people regardless of their skill level and they love meeting new members of our family and inviting them on great skydives.

FS Organizers
FF/Angle Organizers
Wingsuit / Tracking Organizers

Some welcoming words from The Perris Organizers:

“We want to make sure you feel like a part of our family on the best DZ on the planet.  We have all funneled the base, taken out 100+-way formations single handedly, landed on top of other organizers, and gone low, way low!  We tell you this because we want you to know that no matter how many or how few jumps you have we want to jump with you!

We create formation skydives for every skydiver and every discipline.  Whether it’s a 2-way to work on getting that exit stable, or diving practice for the next record event we can help.  The Perris Organizers have thousands of jumps & years of experience.  We video and debrief most of our jumps to help your skills improve. 

Our awesome Organizing staff is friendly, good looking… and we smell good too (some of us)!

Here’s the best part, it's all FREE!  All you have to do is show up, ask for an Organizer and you will be included.  The Perris Organizers are available on weekends & most Weekdays.  Check the Perris Calendar for more details.

Come skydive with us, you’ll be glad you did.

Family Owned Since 1976