What Makes a Great Skydiving Experience?

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Proper planning is the key to any epic escapade, and, wouldn’t you know, your skydive is no different! By now, you’re bound to be excited, and as a sensible adventurer, you want to know all there is to know before you go.

Thankfully, there’s no need to bury yourself in mounds of research. We’ve been in the skydiving game for over 40 years, and in that time, we’ve learned the tips and tricks you need to have a great skydiving experience. Ready to read up and make the most of it?

Check Your Mail

Your email that is! Your inbox might be swamped with spam, but the email correspondence we send is anything but. The most common mistake we see first-time skydivers make before joining us at Skydive Perris is missing the confirmation emails we send before your scheduled appointment. Within these emails is information concerning what to expect, what you’ll need at check-in, refund policies, and general wait times. There are times we even use email correspondence to communicate possible weather delays.

Give your inbox a good look through as you prepare for your skydive. If you don’t see an email or if you have any questions that remained unanswered, please give us a call!


We get that this might be easier said than done. But it’s a tried and true equation: less stress=better time. It’s natural to be filled with a bit of nervous energy—it is skydiving after all. Unfortunately, people’s nervous energy often ends up being redirected as aggravation and frustration. This is especially true when wait times run longer than expected.

The most typical reason wait times are extended is due to weather delays. Mother Nature bows to no one and certain factors are beyond our control. If we do end up on a weather hold, it is because we have your safety and the safety of our staff in mind.

Another situation we often see is when people are hard-pressed for time and are running late for an appointment. We get it: sometimes life can be unpredictable, and things come up. If you can, plan accordingly to leave plenty of time to get to the dropzone. We also suggest that you do not plan any time-contingent events for after your skydive, or make sure you leave a bit of buffer time, in case we do experience delays.

No Rumbling Tummies

Being hangry before a skydive can be a real problem. Familiar with the term? If not, the clever, albeit silly, portmanteau hangry (hungry + angry) refers to feeling ill-tempered because of hunger. The good news is it is completely preventable. At Skydive Perris, you can keep hunger at bay by enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner at The Bombshelter Restaurant & Bar. Before your skydive, try to keep any meal you ingest moderate and light, and remember, no alcohol is permitted prior to your skydive. Save the adult beverages and celebrations for after!

Capture It All On Film

The number one regret of first-time skydivers is not capturing their experience with a photo or video package. We’d have a lot less wistful faces leaving the dropzone if they knew this secret to a great skydiving experience. You have photos of every other major milestone in your life—skydiving should be no different. For even the most attentive first-time skydiver, the experience will be a bit of a blur. It goes by at 120 mph after all!

If you and your loved ones want to experience the fun, again and again, getting a photo and/or video package is the way to go! Don’t just say you went skydiving, show everyone the proof!

The More the Merrier

Skydiving is much more fun with a buddy (or buddies). Friends make even great experiences, like skydiving, even better. Take your friendships to new heights, literally, and bring them along! If they jump, you won’t have to struggle to explain just what it was like. Instead, you will have made epic memories to share and have a truly incredible experience to talk about for years to come. Even if they don’t skydive, bring them along as the best ground crew you could ever ask for! If you want to take our advice on the video and photos, we even have some group media discounts available.

Your skydive is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (that is unless you love it so much you come back for more), and we want you to have the best time possible. With our advice, you can make a good skydiving experience into a great skydiving experience.

At Skydive Perris, we have world-class facilities, top-rate service, and helpful, professional staff. All that is missing is you!

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