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Why Southern California Should Be Your Next Skydiving Destination


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 2 years ago

Happy group of tandem students with vivid jumpsuits

Go Skydiving in SoCal

Are you looking for a premier location for your first jump? What about making a skydive in Southern California? 

While there are plenty of exotic places where you can take flight, we believe our world-class skydiving center (aka DZ) is the best place to skydive in Southern California. We may be a little biased given that we’ve been flying high across our big blue skies for more than 45 years – but we’re confident that you’ll agree SoCal is an excellent choice for your next skydiving destination. Here are just a few of the reasons why –

Southern California is Among the Top Skydiving Capitals in the World

Skydive Perris not only offers the best skydiving in Southern California, but our DZ is also one of the most frequented and popular dropzones on the planet!

aerial photo of Skydive Perris facilities
Aerial view of Skydive Perris facilities

Skydive Perris not only offers the best skydiving in Southern California, but our DZ is also one of the most frequented and popular dropzones on the planet! It’s easy to get to from San Diego and Los Angeles.

One of the keys to becoming a top-notch skydiving destination is having sufficient and reliable airpower to ensure everyone reaches altitude safely and super efficiently. At Skydive Perris, we certainly have that covered. In fact, Skydive Perris is home to the largest fleet of aircraft found in the United States. We have 5 Skyvans, 3 Twin Otters, and a Douglas DC9 Jet – giving us incomparable lift capacity and operational ability. 

Our high-caliber fleet has earned us big love on the silver screen too. Skydive Perris planes have been used in many major motion pictures, as well as television shows and commercial productions.
Another way we set ourselves apart as the best DZ in SoCal is with our outstanding facilities and the numerous amenities available to our guests, making Skydive Perris a veritable skydiving resort. On site, we have The Bombshelter Bar & Restaurant, a pristine swimming pool, a full-service rigging loft, an on-site gear store, and ample lodging, including the International House of Parachutists, which can accommodate up to 24 skydivers. We also have an indoor skydiving facility.

exterior of wind tunnel at Skydive Perris indoor skydiving
Indoor Skydiving at Skydive Perris

You Can Enhance Your Skydiving Experience with Indoor Skydiving on Location

Very few drop zones in the world (only three to be exact) have the luxury of indoor skydiving on the same premises as the outdoor skydiving facility. Skydive Perris is one of those few dropzones.

Indoor skydiving is an excellent tool for neoflyers, students, and experienced skydivers alike. For those who would like to get the feel for tandem skydiving before actually making the real-deal leap, we offer the Adrenal-IN Experience package. This package includes two flights in the indoor wind tunnel followed by the tandem skydiving experience. Experiencing flight first within the wind tunnel enables the majority of would-be jumpers to be more comfortable and aware during the actual skydive. 
Skydive Perris is also the only skydiving school in the LA/San Diego area that includes 20 minutes of coached tunnel time (indoor skydiving) in their skydiving program. After 25 jumps, our students have a minimum of 36 minutes of coached freefall experience, three times more than the average!

You Can Skydive Year-Round in SoCal

Southern California is a skydiving mecca. In part because the skydiving season lasts all year long. While many drop zones can only operate during certain times of the year, Skydive Perris has jumpable weather across spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

Generally speaking, the chance of having a reservation canceled due to poor weather conditions is slim in our neck of the woods. Year-round, the chance of precipitation is fairly low – typically between 0 and 10%. The only exception is February, when the chance of precipitation on any given day during the month is about 21%, and there are an average of 5.4 rainy days. Even then, a measly 5 days of rain pales compared with the wet wintry mix most areas experience! And with our wind tunnel, nothing can rain on our parade.

skydive year round southern california skydive perris
Skydive Year Round at Skydive Perris in SoCal

Ready? Set. Go Skydiving in Southern California!

After reading the reasons above, you can see why Skydive Perris is widely considered to be the best place to go skydiving near Los Angeles! Check out our tandem skydiving prices – and, pro tip, get the video. The number one regret we hear from first-timers is deciding not to get video. Catch yourself in the act of accomplishing something extraordinary, and experience the joy, empowerment, and confidence you gain on landing again and again! 

Ready to soar through the sweet Southern California sunshine? Let’s do this: book your jump today!

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