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The Perris Skydiving Program (PSP)


Discover why Skydive Perris stands above the rest:

Part of your program	Skydive Perris  PSP	Other SoCal Centers AFF Online First Jump Course  Prep Training	Available for 30 days 	Not available On-site Wind tunnel  flying practice	20 minutes	Not available Jumps coached  by an instructor	16	6

With our premium program, your solo skydiving course becomes unforgettable, offering unique features like an online prep course, extensive wind tunnel practice, and more instructor-led jumps than other centers. Although our prices may seem higher, every dollar you spend translates into exceptional support and comprehensive coaching that continues even after your solo graduation.

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First Jump Course

STEP 1 - Online Prep Training - $150
Master skydiving fundamentals through engaging modules, simulations, and quizzes, allowing you to show up fully prepared for the on-site in-person training.

STEP 2 - On-Site In-Person Practical and PSP Level 1 Skydive - $229
Complete the hands-on portion of your training any day of the week. After this, you'll be ready to jump with two USPA-certified instructors! 


A-License Package
From $4,650

Available to purchase after completing your PSP Level 1

You must make 25 jumps to get your A-License.
The A-License package includes:

  • PSP Levels 2-18 supervised by an Instructor
  • Two 10-minute sessions of indoor skydiving
  • 7 solo jumps (with optional Phase 2 coaching free of charge)
  • Packing class

Questions? Contact us at 951-657-1664 or school1@skydiveperris.com 

Pricing and Syllabus

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On-Site Indoor Skydiving Training

What sets us apart:

Our Online FJC

Immerse yourself in captivating modules that delve deep into the realm of skydiving knowledge. From mastering equipment familiarization to perfecting body positioning techniques and emergency procedures, our comprehensive Online First Jump Course leaves no stone unturned. Engage with interactive simulations, enlightening videos, and stimulating quizzes, empowering you to build a rock-solid foundation of skills and knowledge. By completing our Online FJC, you'll embark on your skydiving journey fully equipped and prepared for the exhilarating leap that awaits you.

Our On-Site Wind-Tunnel

Our program includes two 10-minute flight sessions in our wind tunnel. Experienced skydivers use the tunnel to practice their flying skills without the stress added by jumping out of an airplane. We are one of the few dropzones in the world with an indoor skydiving simulator on site! This makes tunnel time easy and accessible. It will help you learn the maneuvers you need to pass each skydive level, ultimately streamlining your progression! One minute spent flying in the tunnel is equivalent to one skydive, and our program includes 20 minutes!

Our Training Program

To obtain your A-License, 25 jumps are necessary, and our Perris Skydiving Program ensures you get the best training. This unparalleled program includes 16 instructor-led jumps and 20 minutes of tunnel time for enhanced learning and skill development. Our commitment extends beyond the 18-level PSP program with free Phase 2 coaching from our exceptional load organizers. This allows you to master advanced maneuvers even before you secure your 'A' license. Unique to our approach, a preliminary tandem skydive isn't required, unlike most instructor-led programs.

Our Canopy Control Progression

Often, freefall skills are prioritized over landing your parachute; some skydivers don’t even start focusing on their canopy skills until they begin working towards their USPA ‘B’ License (50 jumps). At Skydive Perris, we start you on canopy drills from PSP level 1. Every level has a canopy control objective. Our large landing area provides you with a great space to learn and get comfortable during that critical portion of your skydive. We will give you the skills you need to be a confident and competent canopy pilot, from the first time you fly.

Once you have obtained your ‘A’ License, you can jump at any USPA dropzone with any licensed skydiver! Your ‘A’ license is just the beginning of your adventure. The superior level of experience you will gain from this course will provide you with a solid foundation to continue progressing in the sport. Our world-renowned facilities allow us to give you the best experience!

Would you like to know more about our program? We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have! 

* If online learning is not for you, we offer in-person First Jump Courses too. *

Contact us at 951-657-1664 or school1@skydiveperris.com

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