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The Perris Skydiving Program

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First Jump Course & PSP Level 1

After completing the First Jump Course 4-6 hour ground school, you will jump with two instructors from 12,500ft AGL, freefall for almost a full minute, deploy your parachute at 5,000ft, and then be guided safely back to Earth by our USPA certified instructors for landing.

Once you've completed your PSP Level 1 jump, you can continue to progress in our Perris Skydiving Program and earn your A-License.


PSP First Jump Course Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The maximum weight limit is 240lbs (no exceptions).
  • Must have a good understanding of English (written and spoken).
  • Some medical conditions may require a doctor's note.
  • Any prior shoulder dislocations require written permission from your doctor.
  • Must bring a valid government-issued photo ID (must include date of birth).
  • PSP students' height must be proportional to their weight. Students weighing over 220lbs must call us to make their booking.

Watch Your First PSP Jump

The Perris Skydiving Program includes
20 Minutes in our On-Site Wind Tunnel


"AFF builds students, PSP builds skydivers."


Perris Skydiving Program Package

Savings of $251.10 when you pre-purchase our PSP Package - Available to purchase after completing your PSP Level 1

(Breakdown per jump in our syllabus)

  • 15 single-instructor jumps
  • 2 x 10 minutes in the indoor skydiving simulator
  • 7 solo jumps (with optional Phase 2 coaching free of charge)
  • 2 Hop'N'Pop jumps
  • Packing class
  • Extensive training

Would you like to know more about our program? We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have! Contact us at 951-657-1664 or school1@skydiveperris.com 

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  • All costs based on making at least one jump every 30 days. Beyond 30 days incur additional fees.
  • This package does not include gear after you have graduated from PSP level 10, repeat levels, or repeat tunnel time. All repeat PSP  levels 1-10 are eligible for a 10% discount when purchasing a package.

What sets us apart:

Our Training Program

The PSP is an 18-level single instructor-led program. Our instructors are experienced professionals who have years of knowledge and time in the sport. This means more coaching and knowledge being shared with you throughout your progression, as well as more time to learn and develop your freefall skills. Even after you have completed the 18-level PSP program, we offer Phase 2 coaching (free of charge) with some of our fantastic load organizers. You will be learning more advanced maneuvers before you even complete your ‘A’ license. Unlike most single instructor progressions, we do not require you to do a tandem skydive first!

Our On-Site Wind-Tunnel

Our program includes two 10-minute flight sessions in our wind tunnel. Experienced skydivers use the tunnel to practice their flying skills without the stress added by jumping out of an airplane. We are one of the few dropzones in the world with an indoor skydiving simulator on site! This makes tunnel time easy and accessible. It will help you learn the maneuvers you need to pass each skydive level, ultimately streamlining your progression! One minute spent flying in the tunnel is equivalent to one skydive, and our program includes 20 minutes!

Our Facilities

Did we mention we are one of the largest skydiving centers in the world? We are recognized as a skydiving resort; with our restaurant, the Bombshelter, our pool overlooking the landing area, our large fleet of skydiving dedicated aircraft, including the only DC-9 jet rated as a "jump plane" (back in the air very soon!), our on-site wind tunnel (see above), and our 300-acre landing zone. People worldwide travel here to get world-class coaching and organizing by the best instructors in their field. We also host large national and world record events; you might even meet some celebrities who come here to jump!

Our Canopy Control Progression

Often, freefall skills are prioritized over landing your parachute; some skydivers don’t even start focusing on their canopy skills until they begin working towards their USPA ‘B’ License (50 jumps). At Skydive Perris, we start you on canopy drills from PSP level 1. Every level has a canopy control objective. Our large landing area provides you with a great space to learn and get comfortable during that critical portion of your skydive. We will give you the skills you need to be a confident and competent canopy pilot, from the first time you fly.

Once you have obtained your ‘A’ License, you can jump at any USPA dropzone with any licensed skydiver! Your ‘A’ license is just the beginning of your adventure. The superior level of experience you will gain from this course will provide you with a solid foundation to continue progressing in the sport. Our world-renowned facilities allow us to give you the best experience!

Would you like to know more about our program? We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have! 
Contact us at 
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