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Where to Go Skydiving in Winter


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 1 year ago

As the temperatures drop in the winter time, people tend to stay inside their warm and cozy houses to avoid the blistering cold. With that certain chill in the air, it’s understandable to assume that skydiving is only a summer sport – but it’s simply not true, especially at skydiving centers that experience decent weather year-round! Let’s chat all about skydiving when it’s nippy, what to wear skydiving in cold weather, and where to go skydiving in winter (we might know of a place *wink-wink*).


Skydiving is a lot cooler than you may think. Keep in mind that the temperature changes about three degrees per every thousand feet you gain in altitude. That means it will be 30 to 40 degrees colder up at altitude than on the ground, which can be quite nice in the blazing summer’s of Southern California.

What is too cold for skydiving? There isn’t an exact temperature that is considered to be too cold for skydiving, however, it may be extremely unpleasant if you attempt to skydive in temperatures below 59 degrees. Not only will the temperatures be cold, be mindful that you’ll also have blistering wind blowing all over your face and body. Talk about wind chill! Brrrr.

Can You Skydive in Winter?

As long as the skies are clear and the winds are low/stable, it’s pretty much up to you if you want to brave the cold or not! Is it better to skydive in winter or summer? Well, that is all based on your personal preference! Some people don’t mind the cold and actually enjoy the slower pace of the dropzone during cooler months, while some prefer hotter days. 

Luckily, here in sunny Southern California, the temperatures never get “ugly.” At Skydive Perris, we see an average temperature of 68 degrees in the afternoon, even in January and February *puts on sunglasses*. So pretty much any time is the best time to go skydiving at Skydive Perris. Stay stoked!


So, let’s say you decide to jump out of an airplane NOW … in January … and the last available spot is at 7 am. First, check the forecast. Remember that even when temperatures are really low, as soon as you clear the airplane door, the exhilaration of flight is so phenomenal you likely won’t even realize it’s ‘a bit chilly’. 

If you’re in it to win it, then dress accordingly: gloves, long pants, and layers, layers, layers. Layers are key to staying warm when skydiving in cold weather. Even during the warmer months, we recommend layers to protect your skin from the cool wind. Another important thing to bring are gloves – and if you can layer your gloves that might be even better.

For licensed skydivers:

  • Gloves: layer your gloves if you can. Some skydivers wear Latex gloves under their winter gloves to help trap in the heat without adding too much bulk. If you are a solo skydiver, you’ll want to be sure you still have the finger dexterity to control your canopy or perform emergency procedures.
  • Full face helmet: a full face helmet will do the job of keeping the freezing cold wind out of your face and especially your eyeballs. If you don’t have a full-face helmet, consider using a ski mask or fleece-lined buff. (Please note, tandem students are not allowed to wear a helmet … it would be a bit painful for their instructor’s chin during deceleration when the canopy opens!)
  • Layers: Did we mention layers? Under Armor type cold-gear, heated shirts, and snow pants that don’t limit mobility are great layering options.

Some other important cold weather skydiving tips for licensed jumpers: 

  • Practice: practice your emergency procedures and find your hackey in full winter gear before making your jump.
  • Move: keep your fingers moving when you’re sitting still in the plane and under canopy.

Warm Up: have a warm drink before and after your jump.

skydiving in winter

Where to Go Skydiving in Winter

Skydivers are kind of like geese – they like to migrate to warmer climates in the winter time so they can continue to fly comfortably. So when you’re planning your winter skydiving route, add Skydive Perris to your list of skydiving destinations!

Not only does Skydive Perris offer beautiful weather all year, but our dropzone is one of the most popular dropzones on the planet because of our fantastic amenities:

  • Fleet of aircraft, including 5 Skyvans and 3 Twin Otters
  • Sick Indoor skydiving facility – if it is too cold to skydive for your taste, you can just rip it up at our on-site wind tunnel!

So, is it OK to skydive in winter? Oh yeah! Come soar through the sunny skies of The Golden State at our world-class skydiving resort. Book your jump (or grab a skydiving gift certificate) for Skydive Perris!

New to Skydiving?

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