Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the ultimate gift of adventure! 

From edgy Christmas gifts to the best birthday surprise they’ve ever had, a certificate from Skydive Perris is sure to please. Convenient to give and a treat to receive, our gift certificates can be personalized and are delivered via email. If you’re in need of an epic last-minute Christmas gift for the person that has everything, check out our array of skydiving gifts and indoor skydiving gift certificates. There’s a gift certificate perfect for everyone in your circle!

We know that we all have a lot of stuff lately. Electronic devices and gadgets. Toys and tools. You name it, we probably have too much of it. The comforting trend lately has been to treat our loved ones and friends with experiences, rather than "things". Well, why not give that special person in your life the ultimate experience of a skydive? Especially if it would be their first time!  

The Perfect Gift for Someone With A Busy Schedule

Giving the gift of a skydive can be difficult without knowing the exact schedule of the recipient. With a gift certificate, the recipient has the added flexibility to schedule their skydiving gift experience at a time when it is convenient for them. The monetary value of our gift certificates never expires.

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Indoor Skydiving from 3 to 103 years old
Epic First Date skydiving
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Which gift certificate is right for you?

There’s nothing that compares to the thrill of skydiving. For the thrill-seekers in your life, we offer certificates for several skydiving experiences. 


Tandem Skydiving

This will be the gift they were never expecting and won’t soon be forgetting. On a tandem skydive, the participant, attached securely to the tandem instructor, exits an aircraft miles above the earth and plummets toward the ground below reaching speeds of 120 mph. At the proper time, the instructor deploys the parachute. The participant will then enjoy a 5-minute parachute ride with plenty of time to take in the beautiful Southern California view.


High Altitude

If you want to go all out for the one you love, the High Altitude tandem skydiving certificate is the way to go. Instead of 14,000 feet, the recipient of this skydiving gift certificate will reach even greater heights, ascending to an incredible 18,000 feet MSL! As required by the FAA, the participant will be given supplemental oxygen onboard the aircraft. With over a minute of freefall, this skydiving gift certificate is best for someone who really wants to feel the rush!


What video Package should you choose?

We offer several video packages for you to remember and share your experience with your friends and family for years to come.

  • The "Hollywood" is our most popular one: you'll have your own personal videographer who will interview you before and after the jump, and will jump with you and your instructor while flying right in front of you, capturing every second of your freefall through the sky of California.
  • The "Selfie" package allows you to capture that first incredible step out of the plane, the excitement of freefall, and the serenity of parachute flight all recorded in HD from a camera mounted on your instructor's wrist.
  • Now if you really want to go all out, then let us recommend the "Red Carpet" video package: you’ll get all the HD video and stills taken by your personal videographer provided with the Hollywood Package AND the HD footage and stills from your Selfie video taken by your instructor. 

Find examples and more details about your options here.

*Each of these tandem skydiving gift certificates can be purchased paired with a video package.*


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PSP First Jump Course

Give someone you love the gift of solo flight! With a PSP First Jump Course gift certificate (so much better than AFF), you can help someone begin their journey of learning to skydive solo, give them wings! The AFF First Jump Course certificate (Monday to Thursday rate or Friday to Sunday rate)includes the 4-6 hour prerequisite ground school and, after successfully completing the First Jump Course, the lucky recipient of the gift certificate will be ready for their level 1 jump and on their way to learn to skydive! They will jump out of our plane with two instructors to help them stay stable and a radio helmet to guide their landing. Then, they will be able to truly call themselves a SKYDIVER.


Adrenal-IN Experience

Combine the best of both worlds with a gift certificate for indoor skydiving AND outdoor skydiving. The Adrenal-In Experience gift certificate is a discounted package that covers 2 flights in the indoor wind tunnel and a tandem skydiving experience.

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Soar like an eagle!

For Neoflyers from 3 to 103 years old


First Time Flyer Packages & Indoor Skydiving

For those who want the thrill of freefall in a more controlled environment, an indoor skydiving certificate is the best selection. Indoor skydiving mimics the feel of jumping from a plane without actually having to take the leap!

We offer indoor skydiving gift certificates for single person flight packages in Bronze (2 flights), Silver (3 flights), and Gold (4 flights).


Family Package

Bring the whole family together with a gift you can all share. With the Family Package gift certificate, 2 to 5 people have the opportunity to share 10 flights. Training, flight gear, and a flight certificate are included.


Need to stick to a budget?

We also offer gift certificates for pre-specified amounts that can be used toward outdoor skydiving services beginning at $50 and indoor skydiving certificates beginning at $25.

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