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People of Perris: Kate Cooper-Jensen

People Of Perris

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 8 years ago

When, where, why and how did you make your first skydive?

West Point, VA early November 1978. This was before my 18th birthday and I had to, uh, “pencil pack” my mothers signature to allow me to jump before I was 18.

How many jumps do you have total and how many jumps do you have in each discipline?

11,500 roughly (I no longer log but I keep a pretty good mental count). Most are FS. about 400 FF, maybe 80 or so CRW (canopy relative work).

You have multiple world records, which one are you most proud of?

That’s a tough one as there are many different jumps I have pride in. I’d have to say the JFTC (Jump for the Cause) 181 way Women’s World Record, which still stands to this day. The combination of bringing so many fabulous strong women from around the world to unite in a single jump plus raising money through City of Hope for Breast Cancer research is a win-win.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to get involved in big-ways?

Just add air :D Seriously–jump It’s far easier to get a great 4 way jumper to do great big ways than to do the opposite. The Big Way Camps are also a great way to get your toe wet for big ways in a highly mentored environment–bonus is that they are in Perris!

You’ve jumped all over the world, do you have a favorite location that you’ve jumped at?

Again a difficult question as different DZ’s have their own appeal. Voss (Norway) is probably the most beautiful dropzone I’ve jumped at. Thailand was special for multiple reasons–the people, the view, and the food (nam nam), Perris is best for team training and event organizing, Jumping over “The Palm” in Dubai during the World Championships was epic. So many dropzones, so many memories!

What jump(s) stand out as being most memorable?

Again so hard. 4-way, records, jumping with novices and seeing their faces light up with joy, the Rainbow boogie, Women’s events worldwide–I really can’t choose, sorry :D

What canopies do you jump and why?

I currently have a quiver of canopies so I can handle (more or less) any situation presented–whether it be wearing 20+ pounds of lead on a hot no wind day or doing demos or potential off landings in big ways. My current quiver consists of all Aerodyne canopies A Zulu 112, a Pilot 117 and a Pilot 132. I love them all.

Who are your skydiving mentors?

Dan BC (duh), Lesley Gale, Carolyn Clay and Christy Frikken.

You’re part of the Danish 4-way team, who are your teammates and what is it that you love about 4-way?

The team we took to Danish Nationals this year was the Fabulous Prime Pickles, consisting of my husband Carsten, Brian G, Kaspar S. and myself. This was the last year for the team so Carsten and I are now free agents and are looking to put together a new team, not necessarily a Danish one. I love 4-way because it’s FAST and technical–what a great combination!


What are your future goals in skydiving?

Survival and fun.

When you’re not jumping, how do you like to spend your spare time?

Spare time? What is this thing you speak of? :D Carsten and I travel back and forth between Denmark and USA so we’re doing different things in different places. I like physical training, mostly running. I’m an avid reader, I like planning future adventures–skydiving and earthbound, and I walk. A lot. We also scuba dive so that is an alternate sport (and time-money suck) for us.

Tell us something that is little known about your yourself?

I’m a good cook.

What’s in the cards for you during 2017?

Jump, dive, sea, sky, run, read, cook, eat.

Sum up Kate Cooper-Jensen in 5 words or less.

Love, laughter, adventure, goals, travel
Oh, and I’m with HER!

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