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High Altitude Skydiving Jumps

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If you’re the kind of person who does everything to the ABSOLUTE MAX, then the most exciting adventure in tandem skydiving may well be for you! HALO Tandem Skydiving takes the world’s greatest experience and turns up the adrenaline to a higher and more exciting level! Coined by the Air Force in the 1940s, HALO or High Altitude Low Opening has been a staple within the ranks of military operations to deliver personnel and equipment behind enemy lines with minimal detection. HALO tandem skydives are a rare offering in the US and Skydive Perris is proud to be the only skydiving center near Los Angeles to offer this exclusive experience.

High Altitude Low Opening – The Details

How high is high altitude? Try 16,500 feet (18,000’ Mean Sea Level)! This altitude is 4,000 feet higher than our typical exit altitude of 12,500 feet and offers about 20 seconds more free fall time making this tandem skydiving option the highest and longest free fall in LA and San Diego.

At altitudes this high, you’ll be supplied with supplemental oxygen to keep you thinking clearly in preparation for your 70+ second skydive. You will experience what elite forces experience as well as world record skydiving attempts and many of our Hollywood productions that require additional free fall time from a higher altitude. (Remember when The Late Late Show’s James Corden went skydiving with Tom Cruise? That jump was to 15,000 feet)

HALO Jumps = More Fun Time

Higher altitude equates to more time spent in freefall which equates to more fun! Ask anyone who has ever skydived and they’ll tell you that they wish it lasted longer. Extending your freefall from 50 seconds to 70 seconds may not sound significant but in terms of making a skydive, that additional 20 seconds of freefall is a lot longer.

Universally, skydivers all wish they had more free fall time to extend the fun and that’s what HALO provides.

High Altitude Jumps – What To Know

Skydive Perris will be offering HALO jumps exclusively on Fridays (weather permitting) at 8:00am. Only four slots will be made available. The price for this skydive is $349 and includes all the necessary high altitude skydiving equipment and supplemental oxygen as mandated by the FAA.

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What is the exit altitude for a HALO tandem skydive?

The exit altitude for a HALO skydive is 16,500 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) or 18,000 feet MSL (Mean Sea Level).

What is the opening altitude for a HALO tandem skydive?

The opening altitude of HALO tandem skydive will be between 4,500 feet and 6,000 feet.

How fast is free fall during a HALO skydive?

Because the air is thinner at jump altitude, it’s possible to reach speeds of between 150 and 200 mph. As you descend, your decent rate will slow down and stabilize to about 120mph.

Are there any special requirements for civilian HALO jumpers?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age and be in good physical health. Guests cannot weigh more than 240lbs fully clothed. This weight restriction is not universal as guests should have a healthy height to weight body mass index. If unsure, please contact the Skydive Perris Skydiving School at (951) 657-1664.

If I have a head cold, should I make a tandem skydive or a HALO tandem skydive?

No. Participants experiencing any sinus pressure or have a head cold should postpone their skydives. It is possible to suffer hearing loss or severe discomfort if skydiving with these conditions.

Are there any additional costs related to a HALO skydive than the published $349?

Yes. Participants who weigh more than 220lbs are required to pay an additional surcharge of $25.

Is HALO tandem skydiving perfectly safe?

No. No form of skydiving is perfectly safe. You can be seriously injured or killed participating in a skydive.

Do I need to be an experienced skydiver to make a HALO skydive?

No. Because you will be making a tandem skydive with a licensed tandem instructor in a harness built for two, it is possible to make a HALO skydive without needing to be a licensed skydiver.

Is additional training required for a HALO Tandem Skydive?

Procedurally, all things will remain the same as it relates to a typical skydiving experience. Your instructor will spend time going over the added variable of oxygen – breathing techniques when it will be activated and deactivated, etc.

Why is supplemental oxygen required on a HALO skydive?

Oxygen levels are much thinner above 15,000 feet. This reduction of oxygen in the bloodstream can lead to a serious condition known as hypoxia. To counteract this effect, supplemental oxygen is required and mandated by the FAA.

What is hypoxia?

Hypoxia occurs when your body doesn’t receive enough oxygen. Symptoms of hypoxia include:

  • Changes in the color of your skin, ranging from blue to cherry red
  • Confusion
  • Cough
  • Fast heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Slow heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Wheezing

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