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Whether you are local to Los Angeles or are visiting sunny California from either near or far – Skydive Perris is the place to go when you wish to get yourself up in the sky. If you are a brand new skydiver, a grizzled veteran or anywhere in between – our dropzone here in Perris, California has everything you need, and we mean everything.

Below are five of the best reasons why you should choose Skydive Perris as the destination for your very first skydive, and should consider the best option from some casual skydives all the way up to hardcore training and zooming – all day, every day.

1. Our Facilities

  • With one of the largest fleets of dedicated skydiving aircraft in the world – maintained right here on-site – there are few skydiving operations around the world that can offer similar lift capacity and consistency.
  • We also have an indoor skydiving simulator also known as a “wind tunnel”. Skydive Perris is one of the very few skydiving facilities that has its very own indoor skydiving facility on site. Indoor freefall is a unique experience and a significant training tool for newbies and pros alike
  • The Bombshelter bar and grill is open every day to keep you fueled up and ready to go. We have regular live music and a pool in which to cool off on those hot days or a spacious deck to lounge on and get some sun while watching the skydivers land. The Bombshelter is legendary in the skydiving world as the home of almost as many stories as the skies above.
  • Accommodations! We have many beds in several rooms with a shared kitchen area, and the place has air conditioning. Our bunkhouse is legit, comfortable and not scary like at many other dropzones out there.  We also have the “IHOP” or International House of Parachutists that can be rented out for your team needs. It’s a fully furnished home with accommodations for up to 15 people.

2. Our History

Skydive Perris is a family business and has been since the very start back in the 1970s. California has always been an important place for the sport of skydiving with a lot of records broken and legends made at Skydive Perris over the years and decades. Throughout its long history, our dropzone has been used to film some of the most famous footage of skydiving ever recorded and used in many movies and shows all around the world, from old-timey classics through to modern-day blockbusters.

3. Our Mission

The skydiving community is one huge family. Skydive Perris is a big dropzone but we do everything with our community in mind – and we believe it shows in the friendliness of our facility and the attitudes of our staff and regulars. There are good reasons (other than the agreeable California weather) that people travel from all over the world to jump with us, and the warm welcome is one of the key things.

first time skydiving student opens mouth with excitement in skydiving freefall

4. Our Quality

Our staff are some of the most experienced in the world, and Skydive Perris is an official United States Parachute Association dropzone. The USPA makes sure that dropzones all around the USA cross their T’s and dot their I’s in all aspects of running a parachuting operation – from the gear and the aircraft through to the instructor training and skydiver progression.

Skydiving is not something for which you really want to seek out the cheapest option. When looking for somewhere to jump you should prioritize a quality experience over a small saving – and here we offer nothing other than the highest level of expertise while remaining competitively priced.

5. Our Track Record

Experienced solo athletes and professional skydiving teams all know that Skydive Perris is unrivaled when you factor in all the things you need for consistent, quality skydiving. Perris has it all, and it has been this way for a long time.

Equally important to us are all the people that visit the dropzone each day to make their first jumps. Skydiving for the first time is an unparalleled thrill and we aim to make your first one a perfect experience. Go have a look around online for yourself – the reviews tell the story.

There you have it! All the above things combine into an irresistible total package whether you are jumping for the first time ever or are a seasoned parachutist in search of your next adventure. For many decades now Skydive Perris has been the place that people from all over the globe travel to get things done. If you are new to skydiving there is no better place to enter into this amazing sport – to meet the people, learn something about the history and most importantly – to go jump. Join us!

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