Mission Statement

Our passion at Skydive Perris is
to relentlessly pursue the enrichment of the human experience,
to influence and change lives,
and to welcome everyone into our world, our lifestyle and our family
which, they may not know existed, and their spirit may not know it NEEDS.



  1. Change and improve lives by delivering a premier, professional, and safe experience and culture.
  2. Obsess over guests and family, not the competition
  3. Allow our passion and kindness to fuel our lives
  4. Employ, retain, and develop only the best our community has to offer
  5. To never be solely driven by price and never compromise or waiver on our principles of safety, quality, and service.
  6. To live our core values daily and to be ambassadors for our sport and family.


The Skydive Perris Family has developed our mission statement and our set of core values that we live by daily over the last 40+ years in the sport. With our primary focus on safety, we have grown and formed what we know and love as the 'Skydive Perris Family' and we are so overjoyed to welcome you into our family and culture, and know you will share the love we at Skydive Perris have for our sport, our culture, and for each other.

Family Owned Since 1976