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Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 8 years ago

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Tunnel league was rocking last Saturday at the Perris tunnel! Eighteen people competed including a surprise drop in from Dan BC. Participants were guzzling Go Fast and wide-eyed as they awaited their turn to execute the fast-paced FS (Formation Skydiving) dives. Lots of spectators dropped by to watch the live action which was full of more excellent flying peppered with cringe-worthy brainlocks and inadvertent slips out the door.
There were three divisions flying and the competition was close in each. The draw included a couple of famous tunnel league blocks like the blender and boxman. The open division had a couple treats including a leg lock random and ‘roller disco’ block (partners cross arms in a pin like fashion and spin the piece 360). Luckily points were not deducted for the giggles.

The open division was of course dominated by Dan BC, but if we exclude the ringer (And we did!) the first place went to Erik Prime. The advanced division was taken by a close margin by Grace Katz while the rookie division was also narrowly won by Nate Van Kummer.

Congratz to the winners! Bragging rights remain until the next meet Feb 27.

Tunnel League
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