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How does skydiving alone feel different from tandem skydiving?

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 5 years ago

Have you ever hopped on the back of a motorcycle? Ridden a bicycle built for two? Gone for a piggy-back ride? Well then: you know that there’s a certain appeal in being along for the ride. That’s really the central difference between solo skydive and tandem skydiving: that, on a tandem skydive, your role will be that of an active passenger; on a solo skydive, you’ll be at the controls. Wondering which one to try first? We’ll help you figure it out.

1. Decide: Do you even want to go for a tandem?

It’s a common misconception that someone’s first skydive has to be tandem. Guess what? If you’re really keen to get started as a solo skydiver, your very first skydive can be under your own parachute–as jump number one in our incredibly professional, comprehensive and fun first solo skydiving certification course. After completing the requirements, logging 25 jumps and demonstrating comprehensive safety and flight skills you will be able to test and apply for your USPA “A” License. That’s your ticket to jump on your own (or with other experienced skydiver friends) at pretty much any skydiving facility in the world. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

2. Solo vs. Tandem: The Feels

On a tandem skydive, you’ll be securely attached to a professional skydiving instructor for the duration of your skydive. That makes most first-time jumpers a heck of a lot less nervous than they would be if they were under their own parachute (even though our solo skydiving students are accompanied in the air by rated instructors). Since you feel all the intensity of the jump in a 360-degree kinda way, solo skydiving takes the adrenaline prize, for sure.

3. Solo vs. Tandem: The Commitment

Here’s something to keep in mind, too: would-be solo skydivers, because they’re undertaking quite a challenge, need more of a briefing than tandem hopefuls. The ground school aspect of the training is significantly more comprehensive (as it obviously should be!), and walks each student through the equipment, procedures and emergency responses in a way that makes nervous new jumpers feel confident stepping up to this challenge of a lifetime.

4. Repeat After Me: This is Not Just For Crazy People

Skydiving is not a challenge that only the completely insane undertake–far from it, in fact. We’re here to tell you that skydiving is the natural next step for any adventurous soul who’s looking to find new horizons outside their comfort zone. Skydiving is just the thing for a person who’s looking to disconnect from technology and connect with real people in the real world. Of course, skydiving is just the ticket for anyone who’s keen to finally check off that bucket list item. Whether you decide to do it as half of a terrific tandem pair or go it alone (at least, with your own parachute), you’re sure to get the full benefit of the adventure.

Then don’t be a stranger! We’re looking so forward to introducing you to what we passionately believe is the greatest adventure this lifetime has to offer!

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