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Are You a Newly Licensed Skydiver? We Have a New Event for You!

January 10, 2019 2:41 pm Published by

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Ask any skydiver, anywhere: Skydive Perris has the hecka-best events in the sky. And now, we have one just for you! We created a whole new event to get our awesome community of newbies involved. It’s called Fresh Meet, and it’s going to be amazing. We designed Fresh Meet to be the perfect skills-camp-style fit for anyone that is A or B and who got certified within the last 18 months. Less than 150 jumps? This event is for you!

What Can I Expect From Fresh Meet?

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Our event is designed to give you a targeted goal to train towards, involve you with our experienced local community, and promote knowledge and safety. The main event is a short FS competition alongside engaging side contests, games, and coaching throughout. The meet will also include a ‘Manufacturers Day’ (on Sunday) with a series of short clinics about gear and accessories as well as mini-seminars on the different avenues you can take (e.g. freefly, wingsuit, big ways, competition, boogies, base etc), and a Bar Trivia style party on Saturday evening.

The main event (will happen on a Saturday) – 3-WAY COMPETITION: each team would be composed of 2 young jumpers and an experienced mentor. 4 jumps, but the competition won’t be only about the jumps! Points will be earned on the ground as well, with a series of games in the scavenger hunt spirit.

The $160 registration fee covers the inaugural Fresh Meet T-Shirt and participation in the competition (4 jumps from 12,500′). Please note that registration fees DO NOT include rental gear.

From Fresh Meet To Jumping With Freshly-Met Organizers

Anderson Briglia smiles holding canopy in landing area at Skydive PerrisOne of the great things about participating in a skydiving event is that you’ll naturally connect with the people who will next-level your skydiving — especially, the local load organizers whose job it is to create skills-appropriate jumps that will challenge you in just the right ways. After all: another great way for newbies to get involved is by getting to know the load organizers who turn Perris’s amazeballs loads.

Not Yet A Sport Skydiver?

No worries! If you haven’t yet earned your solo skydiving license, participating in Fresh Meet — and jumping with load organizers — can provide just the incentive you’re looking for to commit to that AFF course. Participating in skydiving events starts with a first jump — so make that reservation today, and let’s get you on your way!



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