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How To Skydive Like A Boss


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 5 years ago

How to skydive is a simple thing indeed: gear up in your lifesaving parachuting gear, find a plane willing to take you up to altitude, open the door and get out. In practice, how to skydive is considerably more nuanced, as you’ll need to learn how the gear works, carefully sketch out the jump as far as maneuvers are concerned and pre-determine a landing area and flight plan.

Marie Clark exits from a hot air balloon at Skydive Perris
Photo by Terry Clay

As you can see, skydiving like a boss requires a bit more je ne sais quoi than skydiving like an average Joe. But no worries! We’ll help you nail it, no matter what boss level you’re going for. We have some first time skydiving tips for you, with some bonus material for boss eyes only.

How To Tandem Skydive Like A Boss

If you’re skydiving for the first time and you’re like most people with a burning interest in the sport, you’ll be joining us for a tandem skydive. No worries! You can totally tandem skydive like a boss. Here’s how:

  • Arrive rested, moderately fed and well hydrated.
  • Wear season-appropriate clothing, with extra close-fitting, long-sleeved layers just in case.
  • Wear athletic shoes that tie securely.
  • Bring what you need to wait out a weather hold (for instance: snacks and a phone charger)
  • Take motion sickness medication if you know you get motion-sick.
  • Don’t jump on a day you’re not feeling well.
  • Plan to spend at least half the day with us.

How To Solo Skydive Like A Boss

Your first jump can be either tandem or solo… but if you really want to skydive like a boss, you’ll want to go solo. (Obviously!) At Perris, we can facilitate your first skydive as the first jump of a solo skydiving course, so you never have to go for a tandem if you don’t want to. Here’s how to skydive like a boss on your first AFF level.

  • See all those bullet points up above? Do that stuff.
  • Don’t make any other plans on the day of your first skydive. We have a lot of ground to cover — literally!
  • Remember that you’re a boss because you pursue a challenge. Learning to skydive ain’t easy, or everyone would do it. Trust the process.
  • Try not to celebrate your triumphant first jump with a solid few rounds of drinks. Tomorrow is another big day. There’ll be time for that at your first big boogie.

How To Become a Certified Skydiver (And Totally Lock Your Boss Status)

Tips for first-time skydivers have their place — but you’re a boss, right? And so you’re looking for a way to learn to skydive like one. Look no further! Skydive Perris can teach you not only how to skydive solo, we can take you quite literally all the way to national (even world!) champion status. We do it all the time! Ready to get started? Book a jump today!

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