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What Is A Load Organizer?


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 7 years ago

The Skydive Perris Load Organizers!

Getting on organized jumps is something to look eagerly forward to after you get that A license. And here at Skydive Perris the great news is we have Load Organizers “LO’s” in all disciplines!

What Is A Load Organizer?

A Load Organizer is an experienced skydiver who exists to make your skydiving experience the best it can be. A Load Organizer designs a group skydive to include any jumpers kicking around the dropzone who doesn’t feel like doing a solo.

It’s important to know that a Load Organizer is not a judgment dispenser, so don’t worry that you can’t approach one because you’re “not good enough.” We’ve all funneled the base, taken out huge formations single handedly, landed on other organizers and gone low. (Way low.) We want you to know that no matter how many or how few jumps you have, we want to jump with you. Seriously. So come and talk to us.

We’re here for everyone, whether you’re working on getting your levels right on a two-way to nailing that stable exit or diving practice for your next record event. We can help, and we will!

Is A Load Organizer A Coach?

No, but jumping regularly with Load Organizers will make you a better skydiver. The difference is that a skydiving coach works with you one-on-one to improve the details of your skydiving skills. A Load Organizer is there to craft an interesting skydive for you and a reasonably sized group of similarly skilled jumpers. There are bonuses, though: At Perris, Load Organizers cheerfully video most of these jumps, and–especially if you jump during the week, or during quieter times–will de-brief the jumps, too, to help your skills improve.

How Do You Use A Load Organizer?

Simply walk up to the Load Organizer in your discipline and start the conversation. When you do, introduce yourself confidently to us! Tell the organizer your skill level and your experience. Tell them what you want to learn. You can feel free to be 100% honest about where you’re at and where you want to go in the sport. In fact, the more straightforward you are, the more you’ll get out of it. That’s it! That conversation will open the door to load after awesome, organized load.

group jump at Perris

How Much Does It Cost To Jump With A Load Organizer At Skydive Perris?

It’s free! Seriously. All you have to do it show up ask for a Load Organizer in your discipline and you’ll be included in the fun. There’s no additional cost involved. Not even a tiny pittance. Nothin’.

(We will, however, accept an end-of-day beer at the Bomb Shelter, if you’re super-duper stoked.)

How Do I Get In On This?

Get to Skydive Perris and introduce yourself around! The Perris Organizers are available on weekends and most weekdays, and they’re waiting for you to add your special sauce to the Perris magic.

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