COVID-19 and when to re-open the DZ

May 7, 2020 10:05 am Published by

In this video General Manager of Skydive Perris, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld gives a little bit of skydiving history about how we as a community have made safety decisions in the past.  In this time of COVID-19 there is much debate on when and how to reopen society in general, and among skydivers, drop zones in particular. As BC states in this video, “It’s not a one size fits all solution.”  Different drop zones in different locations with different jumpers will often make different decisions regarding what the best safety procedures at their facility are.  COVID-19 safety plans are no different.

All of us at Skydive Perris miss our family terribly and are anxious to open up as soon as we can.  While we’re not entirely comfortable doing that yet you can be sure in the meantime we are also not sitting in wait to see what happens.  Ours is a “safeish” sport.  As with all our safety plans we are taking the time to be sure we understand the threat and have done all we can to mitigate it.  We are preparing to re-open with well thought out actionable plans as we speak.

We will be back in the air soon and can’t wait to see and be flying again with all of you.

Much love,

The Skydive Perris Team

For more information check out our website’s COVID-19 section for more information and the latest updates.

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