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Indoor Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 7 years ago

Lean on in, here. We’ll tell you a really well-kept secret.

Y’know the skydiving dropzone? That airfield where all the planes with the clear plastic doors live? The alternate universe where everybody walks around in half-unzipped jumpsuits all the time, talking about nylon?

It’s not just for skydiving.

Sounds crazy, right? Well: we’re here to tell you that a great skydiving dropzone–like Perris!–is the kind of place you can spend all day and all night and into the next day. (Heck, some of us never really quite worked up the hankering to leave after we first set foot here.)

There is so much more to the DZ than just skydiving. Here’s what Skydive Perris has to offer:

World-Class Skydiving School

Skydive Perris has a skydiving school that instructs the airborne equivalent of kindergarten to Harvard.

To really fit in on any dropzone, you’ve gotta at least jump, right? Let’s cover that right out of the gate, Then. From that very first butterflies-in-tummy tandem jump to the proud moment you walk through the door with an A-license, Skydive Perris has one of the best student skydiving programs in the world. That said, it’s in the next steps you take that you really see the difference between Skydive Perris and other dropzones–because at Perris, you can immediately start training with the world-level athletes who base themselves here. Our continuing education for skydivers includes a full staff of top-level skydiving instructors, as well as the rad and world-famous coaches of Lightning Flight.

Take Your Game Inside

Want to turn your skills up quite a few notches? Take it inside. Indoor skydiving at Skydive Perris will help you dial in a full set of freefall skills in a controlled environment that allows you to focus on the tiny details that make all the difference. It’s also, y’know, way fun–and you can bring kids as young as three years old to experience the thrill of bodyflight. Perris is the only facility in Southern California that has a wind tunnel actually located on the dropzone campus. (Cool, huh?!)

Cool Off In The Pool

Hot and sweaty from your indoor-outdoor skydiving experience? We have just the thing. Sally up to the Skydive Perris pool and watch other skydivers from the splishy-splashiest spot in town while you work on that golden Southern California tan. (Bonus points if you bring along your own pool float.)

Fuel Up At The Bomb Shelter

Skydive Perris’s legendary Bomb Shelter restaurant has been a local phenomenon since the 1960s. The food, of course, is delectable–but once you come for the food, you’ll stay for the company. Athletes from all over the world gather at the Bomb Shelter to swap stories, confessions, tall tales and plans, so it’s a reliably good time to pitch up for a long evening of sky-centric socializin’.

Crash At The International House of Parachutists

At Perris, the “IHOP” doesn’t serve pancakes–unless a resident has decided to take over the kitchen and make it happen. The IHOP is one of Perris’s on-site residences for groups of visiting jumpers, providing a very welcome crash pad for folks weaving their way into bed from a long night at the Bomb Shelter. (Pro tip: staying at the DZ provides some insurance that you can catch the first loads of the morning, which are reliably some of the sweetest of the day.) 

Celebrate With Us – All The Time

Our skydiving parties (also known as “boogies”) are known the world over. Our legendarily long list of annual skydiving events speaks for itself: We’re always doing something over here, whether it’s cheering on one of our instructors as he nails a world record for slip-n-slide skydiving to hosting training camps for the biggest stunts in the sport.

And you’re invited!

Because, at the end of the day, skydiving is not just about falling out of the sky with parachutes. It’s about the community. Skydive Perris is a lucky dropzone indeed to have such cool stuff to share with the world, but at the end of the day, it’s our people that will keep you coming back. We want to welcome you into the fold!

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