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Take your skydiving skills to the next level in the wind tunnel

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Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 5 years ago

Skydivers all over the world have spoken: practicing your bodyflight skills in the “indoor skydiving” wind tunnel is *the* way to progress even faster. Sure, it’s a big glass tube as opposed to a big blue sky, but the muscle memory you train in there is going to put you way ahead of the game when you take your newfound tricks out the door of a plane. Here’s how to take your skydiving skills to the next level in the wind tunnel!

Get professional coaching.

In skydiving, students often get away without jumping with a coach for a long time. (As a note: We totally advise getting coaching early and often in the sky, too!) Why? ‘Cause jumping is pure fun, and you can pile out with a bunch of friends and mess around, even if you never actually get any better at it. In the tunnel, on the other hand, the real fun is dialing in the details — so coaching counts. Seriously. Even the highest-level performers in tunnel flying get coaching.

Do yourself a favor and shop around for a coach that fits your goals and temperament. (We have plenty of great ones here at Perris!)

Save money on training.

Sure, flying the tubular skies costs money. That said: the amount of “freefall” time you rack up in there translates to far more than the sum of its skydived parts. If you do the math, you’ll realize that tunnel time, for all its sticker shock, is a more cost-effective way to train — especially the tricky moves that would take ages to perfect between packjobs.

Control your environment.

Not only does wind tunnel skydiving training save money and time, it helps you to isolate very specific behaviors and habits in your flying that may be holding you back. It does this by being very, very focusing. Where a plane is loud and full of your friends and screeching tandem students and that hot swooper with whom you’ve been locking eyes across the packing mat, the tunnel is just you and your coach and your goals. No distractions. It’s amazing how much you can get done with no distractions. You owe it to yourself to check that out.

Lower your risks.

Really knowing how to fly your body — lightning-quick, instinctively and intuitively — could easily save your life one day. Reacting quickly and correctly when something is going wrong, which is to say understanding the action of the wind on your body’s surfaces without having to think about it and putting that knowledge into immediate action, has saved many a tookis on a jump gone funky. Getting as much bodyflight skill as you can, as quickly as possible, could really do you a favor someday, even over and above how cool you look in your videos.

Have we convinced you? We’ve convinced ourselves so hard that we’re going to the tunnel right effin’ now. Wanna join us? Make a reservation! We’ll race ya.

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