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Skydiving Los Angeles? 7 Reasons to Choose Us!

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 8 years ago

a tandem student exits from a Twin Otter at Skydive Perris near Los Angeles

Thinking of skydiving near Los Angeles? If you’re ready to take the plunge, we invite you to consider us! Skydive Perris has been serving the Los Angles area for 40 years and through that time we’ve built one of the premier facilities in the world.

As all experienced skydivers know, the dropzone you choose can have a huge influence on your skydiving experience. Don’t let shoddy service or poor facilities tarnish yours. Here’s why Skydive Perris is the best dropzone for Orange County and Los Angeles skydivers, new or experienced.

Proximity to Los Angeles

This is your first consideration – nobody wants to spend most of a day traveling if it can be avoided. Skydive Perris is only 70 miles outside of LA and you can reach us by car in just over an hour.

Skydiving Los Angeles Opening Sequence

Hollywood’s Preferred Skydiving Center

Celebrities are notoriously demanding – they only want the best. That’s why Skydive Perris is the chosen skydiving center for Hollywood’s A-list stars and movie productions! We’ve hosted some of the biggest names in entertainment from Miley Cyrus to members of Megadeth and our staff and skydivers have actively worked on aerial scenes as cameramen and stuntmen in several blockbuster movies.

You don’t have to be famous to skydive here though. Our focus is to deliver the very best customer service regardless of who you are. We’re confident you’ll have an amazing time!

Jon Dette of Anthrax skydives
Jon Dette, drummer of Anthrax

Onsite Indoor Skydiving 

An amenity that makes Skydive Perris particularly special is our own indoor skydiving wind tunnel. The tunnel allows you to practice for freefall. It is a fun and useful tool for experienced, beginner, and tandem skydivers. Here, you could indoor skydive and actually skydive within the same hour! The tunnel is child-friendly, so your kids can get in on the fun too.

Fleet of Aircraft

Skydive Perris has an impressive range of jump aircraft, the largest in SoCal. Spacious and powerful, our aircraft will whip you to altitude for your skydive quickly and in comfort. When booking your jump, it’s important to find out what aircraft and from what altitude you’ll be jumping from. These two factors will affect your experience greatly!

Massive Landing Area 

You’re not going to miss Skydive Perris from the air! We have an enormous parachute landing area, with plenty of space for everyone. There’s a grass strip out front for experienced and tandems, and lots of land for newbies to touch down comfortably.

Skydive Perris Landing Area

World’s Best Skydiving Staff

We can big-up our facilities all day long, but we know that it’s the people who make a dropzone great. We employ heros of the sport, real innovators and world champions. Skydive Perris is managed by speaker, author, coach, and formation skydiving world champion Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld. Looking after our wingsuit school, you’ll find world record organizer Taya Weiss among other notable names in the sport.

All of our staff are top-quality, highly qualified USPA skydivers, coaches, and instructors. We are rigorous about who we hire ensuring that safety is always our number one priority.

Exit at 12,500 feet
Photo by Lori Eyler

Awesome Restaurant and Bar

So, you’ve popped over from Los Angeles and had an awesome day of indoor skydiving and actual skydiving from excellent aircraft onto a huge landing area, met some skydiving superstars and maybe even some celebrities… What now?

Time for a beer.

Celebrate with a cold one and refuel with some quality food. We have an onsite bar and restaurant with an extensive menu of delicious cuisine. You can enjoy your food and beverage indoors or on our poolside patio, with a view of the landing area!

Skydiving LA? Choose Skydive Perris! 

Have questions about tandem skydiving near Los Angeles? Contact us at (951) 657-1664 or read our frequently asked questions. We’d love to host you for your skydive!

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