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Safety Day at Skydive Perris


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 7 years ago

Skydiving is the most unbelievable sport in the world. In all the many disciplines it is closest mankind has come to experiencing true human flight. Skydive Perris is committed to providing the safest school, environment and facility that we possibly can. But safe skydiving comes down to safe skydivers who look out for themselves and each other. Please join us on safety day as we discuss many aspects of skydiving safety. 

9:00 – Approaching the Sport with Safety

Line over malfunction on a square parachute.
Line over malfunction on a square parachute.

Too many of us our complacent and don’t even realize it. Perris Manager and World Champion

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld will lead a seminar about building the correct perspective, respect and habits to stay safe and create a safe environment and community.

11:00 | Know Your Equipment

 How well do you know your equipment? All of us are relying on it to save your life on every jump but really know so little about it. Your Loft Rigging will run a seminar on understanding your equipment, how it works, why it works and how to maintain it.

13:00 | Canopy Safety

More injuries in our sport occur when the jumper if flying a good canopy. That shouldn’t happen.

Coaches from Elite Canopy Dynamics will discuss choosing the right canopy, knowing how to fly it and how to safely share the sky with other jumpers with different experience flying different canopies.

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