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Perris News from the Desk of Dan BC

Community Events

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld Posted by: Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld 7 years ago

2016 was our 40th year of operation. And what an amazing 40 years it’s been!  The 40th-anniversary celebration was a weekend I’ll never forget.  Truly touching, having the opportunity to listen to skydivers from four decades telling stories of what a huge part of their lives Skydive Perris has been.  We are grateful for our wonderful community and the family of skydivers we have had the lifelong honor to be a part of. 

Growth – New Jumpers and a Plane!

And our family is growing!  Last year we had 180 AFF graduates.  146 of which got their A Licenses and are jumping with us now!  Some of them are already coaches and working towards becoming instructors.  Others are jumping on teams.  And all of them have enjoyed hanging out at the Bombshelter, flying in the tunnel or looking at the stars from the campfire. 

On any sunny day at Skydive Perris, you’ll see skydivers from 18 to 85.  They’re doing 4-way, 8-way, big ways,free flying, wingsuiting, tracking, CReW and angle flying.  It doesn’t matter what discipline you’re into.  We’re all skydivers.  We love safely sharing the skies together, and get off on watching other skydivers fly in amazing ways we may never have tried, yet

With this newsletter, we want to keep you posted on everything happening at the DZ.  And in 2017 there is a lot going on for everyone! 

You’re going to see a 5th Skyvan come online bringing our fleet of multiengine aircraft to a total of 8.  Unless of course, you want to include the DC-9 which is on schedule to be back in the air this year!

Let the swooping commence!  Stand by for more info about the new high-performance landing area!!

USPA National Championships Coming To Skydive Perris

We’re stoked to be hosting the 2017 USPA National Skydiving Championships this September!  Everyone across the country is expecting this to be one of the largest Nationals ever! 

Competitors from every freefall discipline will be here showing their stuff.  There is nothing more awesome than watching FS, FF, WS and Speed flyers all working their magic in the sky.  You’re going to want to be a part of this historic event!  There are different divisions in each discipline so whether you just want to throw a team together and participate in the biggest Skydiving competition in the world or go for the Gold this is the year to do it.  Many teams are already training, many more are still forming.     

New & Notable Events

The Skydive Perris Load Organizers!


The Perris Organizers are at the DZ every day of the week!  If you’ve just gotten your A License and wondering what comes next, stop wondering.  These guys can’t wait to jump with you.  After flying with them you’ll be learning and loving skydiving even more than you do now.  If you’re an experienced jumper looking for good times and new challenges they’ll have them for you.  You can just walk on the DZ and get on a load with them or sign up for one of their events.  It’s that easy! FFI Contact Grace Katz or visit www.perrisorganizers.com

Saturday Night Live on DZ

Introducing Saturday Night Live on the DZ – One Saturday night per month. First Date TBA. The lineup will include:

Safety With James Perez

4:00pm – Work with James Perez as he goes over the finer points of safety concerns with his 20+ years of experience in the sport.

Tunnel Competition

5:45pm: Check-in starts at 5:45pm. Competition open to anyone at any skill level. Novice or Expert. Unsure of your skills? Come by early for some pre-comp coaching. Video of debriefing of tunnel flights. Watch the competition after the pool / bar. A fun and safe way to progress in the sport.

BBQ Party

7:00pm – Have a BBQ with your fellow skydivers, LOs and skydive instructors. Learn new things, share stories, ask questions! Open projector screen so you can show off your vids for the day. Be part of the community with this unique opportunity not available anywhere else.

Wide Open Wingsuit Series Championships


There is hardly a day at Skydive Perris that you don’t see wingsuiters cruising across the skies. On March 31 – April 2, you’ll see a few more than usual flying faster and further than ever at the WOWS Championships. 

We have WS Load Organizers every weekend and many weekdays.  The WS load organizing calendar can be found at lightningflight.com/calendar.  If you don’t have your own wingsuit, Lightning Flight has demo Squirrel suits you can use. 

Easter Boogie

So how about this?  $22 jumps. Skyvans. No registration fee. Saturday night party. Perris Organizers. FF Organizers. WS Organizers. That’s not enough??  Then we’ll throw this down. Bring your 4 or 8way FS team and get FREE COACHING FROM CHRISTY FRIKKEN AND DAN BC! You’d rather fly a wingsuit? FREE WS COACHING AND ORGANIZING WITH TAYA WEISS! Yeah, there you go. 

Perris Performance Plus “P3”

Photo by George Katsoulis

You’re getting the hang out this skydiving stuff and you think you’re ready to start jumping with more people and bigger groups.  The P3 Big Way Camp is what you need.  This 4-day camp, held from May 4 – 7, will give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for. We start out on the first day doing 16ways (usually from two planes!) and just get bigger from there. By Sunday you’ll have the confidence to get on loads you didn’t dare before.  Check out www.p3skydiving.com for all the details on the Big Way Camp and other P3 events.

CA State FreeFly Record      

World Champions and all-around good guys, Travis Fienhage and Andy Malchiodi have made breaking records a hobby.  From November 9th – 12th, they plan on killing the current California State FF Record by doing a 100-way. Skydive Perris is planning to use as many of our fleet of Skyvans as we can to help make it happen. Travis and Andy are collecting the best of the best freeflyers for this one.  If you’re not one of the best yet, you can be by November!  They’re holding FF Big Way Camps throughout the year to get you ready.  Camps are scheduled at Perris on June 23 – 25 and November 7 & 8.

Upcoming Events


23 – 26   P3 16-60 Ways
25 – 26   Head Up Camp organized by BJ Michaeli


4 – Pat Works Memorial
11 – Safety Day
18 – 19 – Sisters in Skydiving
31 – WOWS Wingsuit Competition

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