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Is Indoor Skydiving Fun?

Indoor Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 6 years ago

If you stand at the glass of an “indoor skydiving” vertical wind tunnel and take one look at the ecstatic faces zipping by, there will be no question in your mind that indoor skydiving is more than a little bit of fun. If you haven’t visited us yet to see the fun-omenon in person (Don’t be a stranger! Spectators welcome!), you may be knitting your eyebrows as you attempt to place it on the fun-o-meter. Here are our top three reasons why we think indoor skydiving is so fun!

Fun Level 1: Get Out Of The Nest!

Make no mistake: “fun level one” is the most fun you’ve had in a long time. You’re going to be amazed that it–somehow, some way–gets even better.

Fun level 1 starts when you walk into the tunnel building for the very first time. While you’re getting registered and oriented, you’ll see the other fliers having the time of their lives. The variety of ages and skill levels will probably knock you back a little bit. Grandparents will sit on the benches next to their preschool-aged grandkids, each dressed in her very own suit and helmet. There will be stone-cold pros burnishing seriously complicated moves. There will be teams putting their skydiving routines through rigorous paces. How are all of these folks in the same place, at the same time?

Tunnel magic, baby.

Once you’ve learned the “rules of the road” in the classroom briefing, it’ll be your turn to join the party. Once you step in there, the airflow will press “pause” on the physical rules that usually dictate how you have to move your body. You’ll feel as light as a feather as your instructor helps you to show off the skills you learned in the briefing, and you’ll probably start to bubble over a little bit with those superhero feels. When you step out of the tunnel, you’ll want one thing and one thing only: To get the heck back in there.

Fun Level 2: Spread Those Wings!

After those first flights, you won’t be a baby bird anymore. You’ll know what to expect. Time to refine your skills.

You’ll start by flying in a belly-to-earth configuration, learning how to go up and down and right and left using the surface area of your arms and legs. You’ll quickly learn how even the slightest inputs have a major effect on your moves. From there, you’ll learn to fly on your back; then, in a sitting position; then, upside-down…and everything in-between.

Somewhere in Fun Level 2, you’ll start to notice the most important thing you’re going to learn at the wind tunnel: that the best flyers have the best attitudes. You’ll work to cultivate your own. And it’ll have ramifications far outside the tunnel walls.

Fun Level 3: Soar, Baby! Soar!

If you thought Fun Level 2 was a hoot, get ready for the dial to spin right off the board with pure yeehaw. In Fun Level 3, you’re going to hit your stride. You’ll start dialing in those flying skills and, with your newfound mastery of 3D proprioception, you’ll be able to get truly creative with your human flight. Over time, you’ll learn the lingo. You’ll make lasting friendships with the other tunnel-loving folks you fly, learn and laugh with.

Like a bird, one day you’ll suddenly realize that you’ve stopped thinking and instead just started flying. It’s a moving meditation; a flow state; a free-flowing fountain of fun.

Are you ready to experience just how fun indoor skydiving is? Of course you are! Come to the Perris wind tunnel and let’s see you learning the fun-dations of your next great hobby. We’re waiting for you!

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