Experienced Skydiving

The skydiving school is offering free Emergency Procedure reviews with an AFF instructor to all CURRENT licensed skydivers, upon request. Just contact our school 951.657.1664 to book your time with us and refresh your drills!
It could very well save your life!

Skydive Perris is THE skydiving home to world class skydivers from around the globe.  Whatever discipline you may choose to pursue whether it be formation skydiving, freeflying, wingsuiting, angle flying, canopy piloting, CRW, or any other discipline in our fantastic sport, Skydive Perris has a family of jumpers in each discipline who will welcome you with open arms into our family and into the skies over Perris.

We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of "family" and community and whether you're a newly graduated 'A' license jumper or a seasoned pro with thousands of skydives, our world class organizers and coaches in all disciplines are very eager to welcome you onto their skydives and into our family.  We know that our sport can be intimidating to newer jumpers or jumpers who don't normally call Skydive Perris home so we work very hard to promote a welcoming environment for all who choose to be part of our "family".

The Conatser Family has owned the Perris Valley Airport for over 40 years and is delighted to welcome you to our family. 

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Family Owned Since 1976