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A Fail-Proof Gift to Impress Your Valentine


Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 6 years ago

What’s the only thing to rival the feeling of falling for someone? Falling with someone, naturally! That makes a shared skydiving experience the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give. And–because we’re hopelessly in love with love–we’re offering a special Valentine’s special that will put an end to your quest for unique Valentine gift ideas.

From now until February 28th, Skydive Perris is offering a Couple’s Valentine’s Special for only $408 that includes:

  • 2 flights (each) in our indoor skydiving wind tunnel;
  • 2 tandem skydives;
  • and a meal at our onsite restaurant and bar

You and your valentine will begin with flying in our Indoor Skydiving Simulator where you’ll experience the sensation of freefall without being attached to an instructor. After your indoor skydiving experience, you’ll go tandem skydiving from 12,500 ft. Finally, finish up your unforgettable Valentine’s adventure with a meal at The Bombshelter Restaurant & Bar. Sure, that’s a discount and we love discounts–but there’s so much more magic at work here than that. Here’s why a tandem skydive is the Valentine’s Day present you’ve been looking for.

1. Science Confirms: Skydiving Beats Chocolate And Roses, Hands-down.

Okay, so you’re more creative than a chocolate-and-roses-for-Valentine’s-Day kinda lover. But if you’re reaching for a gift that you have to put a bow on, you’re still missing the point–and that’s not just us talking. That’s science. Studies confirm that the best Valentine’s Day gift isn’t a wrap-upable thing. It’s an experience.

The Cornell University Department of Psychology conducted a study that determined, conclusively, that experiential purchases result in “more enduring happiness” than the same amount of money spent on possessing something. It didn’t seem to matter what that “something” was.

According to the Cornell study, gifting experiences provides significantly more pleasurable anticipation and much longer-lasting feelings of satisfaction and delight than a new possession. While an owned thing becomes normalized, no matter how spectacular, a memory lives on in our minds and hearts in a way that doesn’t lose value over time.

How cool is that? Thanks, science.

2. Skydiving Makes An Impression Like No Other.

Think about this: A gift says as much about the giver as it does about the receiver, no? A giver who chooses the safest possible option (say: a dozen roses and a box of chocolates) is likely to have personality traits that thematically match that choice. A giver who heads to the jewelry counter is, whether he/she knows it or not, communicating something about disposable income. And–of course–a giver who boxes up a few scraps of lace sewn together with a bit of ribbon is also making a personal statement.

why we love skydiving

Your choice to give your Valentine a shared skydive is a statement, as well–and we think it’s the best possible statement you could make. You’re saying that you’re excited to share new experiences, that you take well-managed risks and that life around you is never going to be a bore.

3. Skydiving Is The Most Memorable Date.

Dinner and a movie? Yeah–nope. Your love story is way more epic than that.

You and your main squeeze in a 360-degree, three-dimensional, surround-sound experience of southern California. Together, you’ll be introduced to a sport that has enthralled–and continues to enthrall–millions of adventurous hearts the world over. And, if you’re anything like most of the new skydivers we meet every day, you’ll spend the rest of your date leaping around like jubilant puppies, bopping around with enormous smiles as you enjoy a triple shot of confidence, creativity and joie de vivre. (Also: those butterflies in your stomach have a decidedly erotic afterburn. Just sayin’.)

The infinity-and-beyond emotional slingshot of an indoor skydive and tandem skydive twangs the jumper’s heart far above our standard 12,500’ exit altitude, delivering a hit of inspiration that you two are going to be talking about for years after the fact.

Come to Skydive Perris and create a Valentine’s Day memory that’ll last for always. Here’s to love!

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