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How to prepare and practice for tandem skydiving

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Wondering how you can ever possibly prepare to make the leap from a skydiving plane in the middle of a flight? We like to break things down to make them a bit more digestible and bet that we can get you ready to go in no time.

So, let’s take a look at how to prepare for skydiving in three stages.

Preparing for your skydive jump, at home

That’s right: You can begin your journey of skydiving preparation right from the comfort of your couch, and all you’ll need is a semi-reliable internet connection. This is how to prepare to skydive at home:

Do Your Research

When it comes to skydiving, you might not want to settle for the first skydiving center you discover. While every skydiving center may provide the same service (skydiving), each skydiving center will have a certain vibe, a level of dedication to safety, and a particular caliber of instructor. Before making your decision, visit the skydiving center’s website, check out their reviews on Google and Facebook, and give them a call. Doing a little pre-jump research can help you get a feel for the facility before you make your reservation. And when it comes to prices, always ask yourself: is jumping out of an airplane really the activity where you want to go to the cheapest place? 

Check the FAQs 

Taking the time to read through the skydiving center’s frequently asked questions will also prove useful as you prepare to skydive. Many times, the FAQs will help you set your expectations and will often cover the basics regarding skydiving requirements like age and weight, as well as other general skydiving inquiries you might have.

Practice the Skydiving Arch

The skydiving arch is a fundamental skill that all beginner skydivers must learn. As you exit the aircraft, this is the position you will take to help ensure a stable, safe, and fun freefall experience. For the arch, you will press your pelvis and hips forward and down creating an arch in your low back. As you do this, you will also keep your head and chin titled gently upwards. To help prevent undue stress from being placed upon the low back, it is important to engage the glutes as you arch. As a bit of skydiving practice, lay with your stomach on the ground. Take a pillow and place it beneath your hips/ pelvis. Then, take a breath and lift your head, shoulders, and legs off the ground. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Relax and repeat. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

It’s going to seem counterintuitive to catch some sleep while your mind is racing the night before your first skydive, but trust us. A good night’s sleep is a fundamental part of mentally preparing to skydive. Give yourself plenty of time to wind down the night before your skydive: make some hot tea, tuck yourself in early, play some soothing music, or do all three. The point is to set yourself up for success the day of your skydive by taking care of yourself the night before your skydive. 

What to do on the morning of your jump

When the day finally arrives, it may feel like the pressure is on. This is how you can prepare physically and mentally for skydiving on the morning of your jump. 

Eat A Healthy Light Breakfast 

You should never forgo eating before a skydive. When mixed with an empty stomach, the subsequent adrenaline rush leaves many feeling queasy. Instead of skipping the most important meal of the day, prepare a light breakfast at home or arrive for your jump early enough to catch breakfast at the Bombshelter Restaurant and Bar. In case there are weather delays, it may also benefit you to pack a few of your favorite snacks to bring with you. However, there’s no need to fret if you forget, the Bombshelter Restaurant and Bar also has plenty of delicious snack options and light lunch fare.


As far as how to mentally prepare for skydiving is concerned, one of the most underrated but undeniably effective tools is visualization. Utilized by professional athletes around the world, the practice itself is fairly simple. For skydiving, mentally walk yourself through the process and picture yourself at each juncture of the experience: gearing up, boarding the aircraft, exiting the plane, freefall, canopy flight, and landing. Set an intention for how you’ll respond to each step. The trick is to mentally process through it while maintaining a calm and relaxed state. When it comes time for the jump, you’ll know it’s nothing you can’t handle because mentally, you’ve already done it!

En Route to Skydive Perris

Pick the Perfect Tunes

We all have those songs that get us feeling just right. As you travel to the dropzone, crank the music and dance off those nervous jitters! Want some suggestions? Contact us and we’ll send you some of our fav’s!


Now, we won’t lie: keeping your breath calm and level on the way to the dropzone, and throughout the entire experience. is going to be easier said than done. However, mastering your breathing is going to be one of the most pivotal things you can do to prepare for your skydive. Inhale and exhale slowly. Try to count the seconds as you fill your lungs and as you empty them. Honing in on your breathing will help you keep yourself grounded even while you’re miles above the ground!

Oh, and if you really want some extra skydiving practice…

Try Out The Indoor Wind Tunnel

wind tunnel corporate event

If you don’t think you’re prepared to tackle a full-altitude tandem skydive, you can get some skydiving practice in our indoor wind tunnel. The wind tunnel reproduces the freefall feeling of skydiving almost exactly. If you’ve got nerves about this portion of the skydiving experience or you would just like a bit more skydiving practice before making the leap, indoor skydiving is an excellent stepping stone as you prepare for the real thing. 

Now that you know how to prepare for skydiving, let’s put those skills to use. Book a skydive with Skydive Perris today!

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