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Are Skydiving Videos Worth It?

First Time Skydiving

Skydive Perris Posted by: Skydive Perris 7 years ago

Most people, when they look at the extra cost of getting a video of their tandem skydive, balk a little bit. Chances are, you’re hemming and hawing about it, too. Are we right? When you’re already undertaking an activity that’s inarguably expensive, adding more to the bill seems excessive–profligate, even. We’re here to tell you why getting that video shouldn’t even be a question, and not just because they’re, well, cool. (They are.) The usefulness of a skydiving video goes way beyond “cool”–and that’s what makes them so totally worth it.

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel–well–powerless? Where you feel trapped? Surrounded on all sides by what feel like insurmountable obstacles? When you’re having a day like that, there’s nothing that makes you feel better than watching yourself do something that you thought was totally impossible. It’s like a secret weapon. If I could step from the door of that airplane, the video reminds you, then I could do anything, ever, and this little speed bump is nothin’. A skydiving video is like a bottled pep talk, starring you; showing you just how much you’ve got in you. Watching your own face, you’ll remember how challenging it was, but how completely you triumphed over that fear.

Remember, too: It’s not just about the jump itself. It’s about the whole moment. A skydiving video captures you at your best and bravest. We engage you to talk to the camera a little; we snag footage of your plane ride up; of the altimeter reading as it slowly rises; of the receding earth below; of your face as you look out the window. Our camera person even stands on a special step outside the airplane door and jumps as you jump so she doesn’t miss a moment.* Once you and your instructor open your parachute, she’ll use a small, aggressive sport parachute to beat you to the landing area. That way, she can capture every detail of your triumphant return to earth.

camera flyer capturing skydiving video

While the images of your actual freefall are definitely going to be in there, we tell the whole story so you can relive it as often as you like. (And, of course, so your friends on social can live vicariously through you, you too-cool-for-school ol’ thang.)

Oh, and here’s another thing to consider:

Are you ever going to have a first-time skydive again?

While we hope you join us for jump after jump afterwards–and even get your USPA A-license, so you can clown around with us under your very own parachute–your first skydive is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you miss out on getting the very first one on record, there’s no gettin’ it back. Folks who don’t are universally disappointed, so do yourself a favor and make sure you get that video.

Millions of happy skydiving video stars can’t be wrong, baby: It’s worth it.

*Cool to know: Most skydiving videographers are passionate sport skydivers. Often, they’ve spent cumulative years of their lives on the dropzone. This hyperfocused approach really pays off in the sky, as a professional camera jumper is able to fly her body so precisely that she hangs out right in front of you in the sky. If you’re curious: yes. That is hard to do.

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