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Jump From the Same Type of Plane that Tom Cruise and James Corden Jumped From!

Almost 13 million people watched James Corden and Tom Cruise jump from a "Skyvan" and now you can jump out of the same type of plane they jumped from...but only at Skydive Perris.

Skydive Perris is one of the very few skydiving facilities in the entire nation that offers the premium jumpship "The Skyvan".  The only choice for Hollywood's elite, the Skyvan will take you to 12,500 feet in comfort and allow you to stand fully upright, (stretch if you need to), walk to the tailgate of the aircraft with your instructor, and take the once in a lifetime plunge down to mother earth.  

Join us for Skyvan Sundays in September and experience a once in a lifetime skydiving experience out of the only jumpship good enough for Hollywood's best, the "Skyvan", only available at Skydive Perris.

The Skyvan is a premium jumpship and is only available on Sundays. 

"Repeat tandem" discount certificates can be redeemed on Skyvan Sundays but there will be a $20 premium due prior to jumping.

Tandem Special
Rise and Shine Tandem

Start your day off right with our Rise and Shine Tandem Jumps! For a limited time, you can go tandem skydiving for only $149! Experience the thrill of freefall at Los Angeles' #1 Skydiving Center! Don’t delay, this special rate is available Monday through Friday at 9am only (There is only space for 25 of these per week, 5 per day, so book now before they’re gone!)

This special rate is available Monday through Friday at 9am only (There is only space for 25 of these per week, 5 per day, so book now before they’re gone!)

The Adrenal-IN Experience

The Adrenal-IN Experience is the ULTIMATE human flight experience! This discounted package starts with 2 flights in our Indoor Skydiving Simulator where you’ll float on a column of air allowing you to experience the sensation of freefall without being attached to an instructor. After completing your indoor skydiving experience you’ll then go tandem skydiving from 12,500 ft securely attached to an instructor.

Participant must be at least 18 years of age and cannot weigh more than 240 lbs. This package is not available for online booking. Please call to book.

Indoor Skydiving Special
35 Dollar Flights and AFF Mondays!

First time flyers can enjoy $35 dollar flights and Skydivers in Training can join all your fellow Accelerated Freefall Program Participants for AFF Mondays!  Experience free coaching from world class skydivers as you bond with your fellow AFF classmates on AFF Mondays.

Tunnel time is limited and is required to complete your AFF training and achieve your "A" license and there is no better time to do it then on our AFF mondays with other jumpers at the same level in progression as you.

Tunnel time for AFF participants must be booked over the phone.

$35 dollar flights are for flyers outside of our AFF Program and can be booked by clicking the button below.

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