Military Freefall

Military Freefall Operations

Skydive Perris has an ideal mix of capabilities and experience to exceed the government’s expectations and deliver the finest in Military Free Fall High Altitude Low Opening/High Altitude High Opening (HALO/HAHO) Sustainment Training in support of Military Parachute Operations

Skydive Perris Military – Overview

  • Basic Militray Freefall Training Slick and combat Equipment
  • Basic Militray Freefall Training Slick and combat Equipment in the Indoor Skydiving Facility 
  • Static Line Training
  • Advanced Freefall training. Patrol Configurations in close proximity
  • Basic and Advanced Canopy Flight Training – Grouping and Navigation
  • Night Operations
  • High Altitude
  • Tactical Insertion Techniques


The Conatser Family purchased the Perris Valley Airport in 1976. Over the years the family owned and operated business has grown into one of the most respected training venues in the industry.  We have successfully operated as a year-round skydiving center for 42 years averaging 120,000 jumps a year.

World Class Skydiving Center

Skydive Perris has been a leader in the sport parachuting industry hosting 5 US National Championships, a World Cup, and countless World Record events.  In addition to sport parachuting Perris Valley has supported many military groups. For the last decade various US Military units as well as foreign militaries have utilized civilian skydiving centers to conduct their training.  Perris Valley has become the training location of choice for much of this military training because of our ability to provide these units with the weather, aircraft, and facilities to train efficiently and effectively.

Convenient Location

Our airport is within a reasonable distance from major population centers.  We are 35 miles south of Ontario International Airport, 75 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport, 75 miles north of San Diego International Airport, and within only a few miles of accommodations and all other basic necessities.


Perris Valley has one of the country’s most ideal climates for year-round skydiving and Military Free Fall training.  We average 345 jumpable days per year.


We are able to conduct safe and concurrent operations as a result of:

  • A private military training facility separated from civilian activity.

  • Separate large landing areas ideal for Military Free Fall activity.
  • A private airport that is not hindered by other aviation activity outside of our own operations. 
  • DOD approved Aircraft and AZAR Surveyed DZ
Family Owned Since 1976