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2091 Goetz Road, Perris, CA 92570-9315 - Toll Free: 1.800.832.8818 - Tel: 1.951.657.1664 - Fax: 1.951.657.6178 - Manifest: +1 (951) 657-3904

Open seven days a week


Licensed Jumpers and Cleared for solo PSP Graduates

Open 7 days a week
On weekdays the first load will be after 9.  AT LEAST ONE LOAD/HOUR, no matter many people are on it!
On weekends, loads can go as early as 7:30 AM depending on the time of the year.

High Altitude loads on the first Saturday morning of the month, $45/slot for our licensed jumpers

Perris Valley Skydiving School (Tandems and PSP)
Open 7 days a week
If you've been waiting to make your first tandem jump or first solo jump and learn to skydive, now is the time!  Slots book FAST, so book online (see top right corner) contact the school at 951-657-1664 to schedule.

Hours of Operation
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 
Please call 951-657-1664 for reservations, or book online here.

The Bombshelter Sports Bar and Grill (7 days a week)
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8 AM to close
Sat-Sun 7 AM -close 
1st Sunday of every month Car and Airplane Show 4 PM-7 PM
Tuesday nights: Tuesday Tacos
Wednesday nights: Trivia
Thursday nights: Open Mic
Check out the Bombshelter calendar for more info

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Directions from Los Angeles

!! Google Maps is wrong (see below)

  • From Los Angeles go South on 101 from N Main St (0.5 miles)
  • Merge onto US-101 S/Santa Ana Fwy S. (0.8 miles)
  • Keep right to take US-101 S/Santa Ana Fwy S toward I-5 S/CA-60 E. (1.41 miles)
  • Merge onto CA-60 E/Pomona Fwy E toward Pomona. (24.94 miles)
  • Keep left to take I-215 S/CA-60 E/Escondido Fwy S/Moreno Valley Fwy E toward Pomona/Riverside. (32.31 miles)
  • Keep right to take I-215 S/Escondido Fwy S toward San Diego. (15.56 miles)
  • Take the Ethanac Rd exit, EXIT 14. (0.29 miles)
  • Turn right onto Ethanac Rd. (1.89 miles)
  • Turn right onto Goetz Rd. (1.31 miles)
  • DO NOT follow Google Maps to Mapes Rd, you will have gone too far by 1/2 mile. The main entrance is 2091 Goetz Road.
  • Skydive Perris is located at Perris Valley Airport-L65

Directions from San Diego

!! Google Maps is wrong (see below)

  • Continue to CA-163N (4 miles)
  • Head east on Broadway towards Broadway (0.4 miles)
  • Turn left onto 11th Ave (0.3 miles)
  • Keep left to continue on CA-163N, follow signs for Escondido (7.1 miles)
  • Use the left lanes to turn slightly left to stay on CA-163N (4.0 miles)
  • Merge onto I-15N (50.6 miles)
  • Keep right at the fork to continue on I-215N, follow signs for Riverside/San Bernardino (13.9 miles)
  • Take Exit 14 for Ethanac Rd (0.3 miles)
  • Turn left onto Ethanac Rd (2.0 miles)
  • Turn Right onto Goetz Rd (1.4 miles)
  • DO NOT turn right on Mapes Rd. Keep going 1/2 mile until you reach the main entrance, 2091 Goetz Road.
  • Skydive Perris is located at Perris Valley Airport- L-65

Public Transportation


Metrolink 91/Perris Valley Line service trains operate Mondays-Fridays from Perris South and Downtown Perris stations.

Service begins as early as 4:43 am from the South Perris Station to Los Angeles Union Station. Evening trains will return as late as 7:50 pm to the South Perris Station. There is no weekend service to or from the Perris stations.

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Shuttle Information


Temecula Air Shuttle operates a scheduled, ride share shuttle service going to and from San Diego & LAX throughout each day.

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