The Skydive Perris Fleet

We utilize the safest and most reliable type of airplanes in the industry.  All of our aircraft are of twin turbine engine design for added safety and reliability.  Our aircraft are specifically modified and upgraded to the highest standards specifically for both military and civilian skydiving.  We have used our aircraft in many major motion picture, television, and commercial film productions.

3 DeHavilland Twin Otters



DeHavilland DHC6 Twin Otter

The Twin Otter is a world renowned turbine engine powered airplane that is used in many roles.  Skydive Perris was the first in the industry to purchase and operate our own Twin Otterin 1981.  We currently operate two examples of the Twin Otter that are configured for 22 jumpers.  A third one will soon join (or more exactly, rejoin) our fleet.  The Twin Otter can haul 22 jumpers to an altitude of 12500′ above the ground in a safe and comfortable 15 minutes. 

5 Shorts SC7 Skyvans

Short Brothers SC7 Skyvan

The Shorts Skyvan is another world renowned twin turbine utility type airplane that Skydive Perris has owned and operated since the early 1980’s.  The Skyvan is the epitome of Utility when it comes to airplanes.  The Skyvan's spacious 18’x 6’5” cabin is not only configured for 22 jumpers, but can be easily converted for hauling or dropping odd sized objects such as small cars or ATV's.  Its size and configuration with a rear inflight opening door makes it very well suited for military and civilian jump training.  We currently own and operate five examples of the Skyvan with more in our future.

A Douglas DC-3


Douglas DC-3

An Iconic Aircraft and Hollywood favorite.  This classic aircraft has starred in everything from gum commercials to James Bond Films.  Whether you want a unique aircraft for skydiving or airline seats installed for your period piece the DC-3 is ready for your shoot

A Douglas DC9 Jet



Douglas DC9-21

The Douglas DC9 was another first, not only for Perris, but the world.  It is the only privately owned commercial transport category Twin Jet aircraft that you can jump from in the world. The airplane is currently in storage and refit but will be back in the air before too long, hopefully by the end of 2018.  The DC9 is able to take 80 jumpers in full airline comfort to 13500′ AGL in a well-appointed cabin with normal airline seats in 4 minutes! This is an amazing airplane that was specifically modified by Perris for this role. Don’t miss your chance to jump out of it when it gets back on line!

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