Flight Progression

Indoor Skydiving Flight Progression

Whether you want to inprove your flying skills after stepping outside of an aircraft or would like to venture into the world of competitve bodyflight Perris Indoor Skydiving has flight progression programs that will help you achieve your goal.

Indoor Bodyflight as a Sport

Combine the thrill and excitement of flying your body,  precise technical ability, and athleticism and you get indoor bodyflight.  Indoor bodyflight is one of the fastest growing and exciting sports in the world. 

All ages, genders, and abilities can reach a competitive level of indoor body flight expertise with our flight progression programs. 

Check out our return flyer block time and coaching pricing and take the first step towards becoming a world champion flyer.

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iba.pngIndoor Flight Progression

Perris Indoor Skydiving adheres to the International Bodyflight association's training standards and progression requirements.

The International Bodyflight Association (IBA) was formed in 2003. It was the first of a kind and led the field in supporting and training wind tunnel instructors and by setting the standard of safety that the industry enjoys today.

Find out more information about the International Bodyflight Association HERE

Level 1 Beginner Flight Progression

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Advanced Flight Progression and Levels

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