High Altitude HALO Tandem

High Altitude Tandem Skydiving


If you are looking throughout SoCal for a place to do a HALO tandem skydive near Los Angeles or San Diego — Skydive Perris is the ultimate skydiving destination.  

What does HALO stand for?

High Altitude Low Opening. 

How is a HALO jump different from a 'normal' skydive?

When you choose our High Altitude HALO Tandem Skydiving package, you will receive specific ground training because your experience will be even more special. Not only will you jump from a perfectly good airplane, but you will also have your own oxygen mask and will be jumping from a higher altitude of 17,999' MSL (16,500' AGL). As required by the FAA, you will be on supplementary oxygen(O2), enjoying an additional 4,000 feet of freefall over our regular tandem jumps and spending over a minute in freefall at speeds of up to 120mph!!  You'll then enjoy the breathtaking views over Southern California during the 5-10 minute canopy descent using a parachute built for two.

Why do I need supplemental oxygen?

The higher you go, the lower the air pressure, which means the oxygen atoms in the air become sparser. Supplemental oxygen, released with positive pressure from an aviation O2 bottle on board hooked to your personal mask (i.e., the air will be flowing from the tube to your nose and mouth), will allow you to breathe and receive the amount of oxygen you need to stay 100% alert at the altitude we will take you to before exiting the airplane.

Do I need specific training for this?

Yes. Although your tandem skydiving instructor will operate the equipment, you’ll still receive training before the jump about handling your mask, the oxygen on board, exiting the aircraft, proper body position, freefall, and landing technique. 

Preserve this exceptional skydiving experience! Skydive Perris has multiple HD video & stills packages to choose from to capture your experience forever! Your HD video or photos will be available online through the cloud and emailed to you to easily share your skydiving adventure with everyone!

Why is it more expensive than a regular tandem skydive?

Going to a higher altitude requires more time and more fuel, not only for the distance but because the air is thinner, the engines require more power to fly up there. The oxygen, the airplane setup, the masks, for you, for your instructor (and your camera flyer if you chose to book one of our video packages), for the pilot, and because it is hard to move around while hooked on O2, we have a safety officer on board who will operate the door and make sure you're safe.

I have a group of 3 or more. Can we book this any day of the month?

Yes, depending on the availability of our certified HALO instructors. Please get in touch with us to make your reservation if you want to jump on another day than the 1st Saturday of the month. 951-657-1664 or school1@skydiveperris.com

Tandem Skydiving Important Facts

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Maximum weight limit is 240 lbs. (no exceptions)

    • Please note: There is an additional $25 fee for any tandem student weighing over 220 lbs on our scale on the day of your jump.

  • Must bring a valid government-issued photo ID showing your date of birth.

  • Some medical conditions may require a doctor’s note.

  • Participants must complete a waiver before jumping. This waiver is in English, so a good understanding of written & spoken English is required.

Why Choose Skydive Perris?

Skydive Perris has been serving the Los Angeles and San Diego area for over 40 years. Our premier facilities offer first-time tandem skydivers a world-class skydiving experience. To learn more about what makes us different, read our blog post on seven of the top reasons to choose Skydive Perris for your tandem skydive!

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